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  1. Yes indeed chicory, that is the thing/place/word for this riddle.
  2. not that but now you're getting somewhere. hello there clinton - I certainly see where that fits with the riddle but not what I have in mind. hey Shakee - think you could make an argument for line 7 and your answer. know how it is when you get something on your mind tho. but been a little while for me when that something is that huge. congrats.
  3. hah, not it but do remember thinking about those here recently
  4. clever chic, to wit alas, must say, not it. Thanks for starting this one out.
  5. For starters you will find me Legend has it oft misplaced So central to this satire Essential when in haste Pivotal to catch the wind Crucial the perfect fit A little spot pronounced Most needed you have to admit
  6. Dont think they're the best fit or common enough but mostly want to let you know am still on the case.
  7. plainglazed

    right on superp, see where you're coming from. agreed. what I found so amazing was the number of possible de Bruijn sequences. thought maybe if it was possible at all, there might even just be a unique solution. pretty cool.
  8. Hey t_l - these are fun. gotta run but have printed out a copy. hope to be back soon. this darn pesky work thing.
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