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  1. Ties in nicely with title too! Gonna call this one a joint solve. Well done you two. Be back for more soon.
  2. Hey Wilson - another thoughtful answer. nice fit with the "not to fuss" clue. to me that was the most regrettable last minute edit to my original riddle. Try slotting "muss" for "fuss". hello reginafantastic - close shave but not it. still a fantastic response indeed. there is (maybe are) part(s) of the riddle describing a specific one word answer.
  3. hey ho hambone - not one of those. and re your last post above, doesn't A-Rod play infield?
  4. hey all - none of the above but think we're getting closer. also think parts of the riddle are meant for a pretty specific answer.
  5. hey EDM - neither of those ah, thanks for the Etch A Sketch noggin joggin, it was right on the tip of my tongue but couldnt remember the name. And none of that was not meant as a hint but So none of the above. I admire your efforts. If I can formulate a single guess I feel lucky. Please keep 'em coming.
  6. hey Shakee - the last line could be important but not that. hey chicory - is that one of those new fangled thingies with the knobs you hold upside down and shake to start over? not it either way.
  7. hey slyalys - good guesses but not it. A nice way to look at it, tres chic, but no. hey again chic - not it again, sorry. hey t_l - not those. ahoy there matey - thought Dudley was referring to a camera lens with the redact clue fit but possibly slightly overstretched with the last clue. like yours better with the last clue but still not it. wish I could figure out how to say more but fear it would only mislead. hey Wilson - excelent answer but alas, no. hello robotron. Welcome to the Den! Your answer makes a lot of sense but not the one I have in mind. Please keep at it.
  8. More great answers. DD's may qualify as an alternate. Still none the intended.
  9. Great responses but none the answer, yet.
  10. A simple little contrivance One might describe me thus When taking sides I've two The objects not to fuss On the one hand hold me close I'll help you face the fact On the other nothing's perfect No worries, just redact Be careful how you do it No one should realize But regardless how you use me I'm too small for my size
  11. Yes indeed! Thanks for solving this one. Hopefully the fact that you thought of the answer before both confirms the need for the rewrite and means it did not make it too too easy. Certainly not to take anything away from the fabulously clever t_l. Here's some of my muddled thinking: Thanks to all who played along. Had a blast as always. Be back soon.
  12. woot! woot! thanks deanna - always so enjoy your fantastic metaphors. and what a bonus to get one. it's been quite a while. nice one!
  13. Well more great answers but not the one I am hoping for. The blame definitely goes to the original riddle. Have been struggling with a rewrite that hopefully gives better info while still adequately hiding the answer. Some time ago ...I could be seen ......In kitchens everywhere The host of gifts ...That I may keep ......Yet little time to spare Protecting some ...Those little beasts ......Sporadic perhaps my care Made obsolete ...Out with a twist ......No reason to despair So hardly now ...Will it be found ......In fact I am quite rare More common today ...Not how I look ......But how I do compare My apologies. Thanks to all for sticking with this one.
  14. plainglazed

    EDIT: part of my spoiler popped out of the tags somehow. never had a spoiler malfunction like that before
  15. Hey d - share Wilson's sentiments for sure. Take care.
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