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  1. plainglazed

    Always enjoy your alphanumerics K S. Will try to quickly come up with some reasoning but dont have much time right now.
  2. plainglazed

    thanks rookie - and thanks for the links above. still lovin this site and appreciate all you do. cheers
  3. plainglazed

    Any update on this situation. I need a riddle fix bad. The other sites just aren't the same. I need the good stuff...
  4. plainglazed

    Looks like maybe some can see the Words forum and some, like me, cannot? Is that correct? I've enviously watched others seemingly at play. Could this be a browser specific issue? I use IE still. Also noticed the post count on the author info and on the profile info page aren't in sink (see peace*out). Maybe these two update at different rates. It does not appear that profile view count is current, either. I mention these only on the off chance they're related to, or might give a clue to, the cause of the issue with viewing the Forum. I miss the Words Forum!
  5. plainglazed

    EDIT: Nice one Anza Power!
  6. Well thanks to all who participated. Had a lot of fun and learned a bunch. May give it another go soon.
  7. Edit: After failing multiple times, jippiidan comes back to finish the crossword puzzle Spot on jippiidan - told you it would come - well done!
  8. correct yet again, DD and subsequently finishing 6D. only the last line and two clues to go.
  9. plainglazed

    Nevermind the above. Rethinking. Cant see past my tail and my head's not helping either.
  10. ...and another question. Should there be a word at 22 down? Duuuude, right on all accounts, save for your question - no 22D, sorry clinton, not those Hey EDM - nope but good to see ya, been pondering your latest.
  11. Hey t_l - hope you had a fun playdate this a.m. 1A and 7D are certainly correct.
  12. thank god I did not miss this one a great one again PG not that. and thanks so much. am glad you made it, too. nope you're surely correct. not it still no no problem, understand completely. not that for 12A but see below. Sorry spot on for both 19A above is correct no go for this one tho. Well done, rsn.
  13. Also, is the clue for 7 down intentionally left out? edited because I forgot to say how awesome it is that PG made a whole cryptic for us to solve Hey DD - All correct, except your comment. My mistake re 7D. Shoot! Going to respond to rsn then post an update with the omitted clue for 7.
  14. Edit: added #1 across guess sorry jippiidan, not yet but you're halfway there for your editted addition This time I'm putting it down & staying in bed ... 2nd one I've seen & come back for. that would be correct. sweet dreams...
  15. plainglazed

    hey hey - saddened I missed out on your last one.
  16. Had considered that one for 2D, but guess not! Edit for: Can't spell ... just saw 6 down from the letters. Right on - EDIT: but not quite for your editted answer
  17. Edit for: not your editted one. I believe it's right sorry jippiidan, not that. it'll come, please keep at it.
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