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    One way to keep the compiler from eliminating spaces is to put what you want aligned within code tags. you can use the <> icon to insert them or type them out (hit reply to see the format, if I type it here it will just interpret the tag) T M N C B L V E[/code]
  2. plainglazed

    Hey Shakee - Depends, but maybe
  3. Thanks to all. Had a lot of fun. (Adding solved feature)
  4. none of those, clinton. fear you're at a disadvantage to the veterans here like chicory. and that's a wrap. nicely done chic!
  5. sorry, didn't mean to get you so scrambled.
  6. no, it does not. I do see where that one came from.
  7. nope. will be thinking on where that came from tho.
  8. not that/those, sorry. not really. on rethinking DD's grind statement and the title and my comment about going to the post office, thought that might come up. the timing and that was just a point of departure in my initial brainstorming. not relevant though in the end. and I thought I was doing so good this time with not saying too much...
  9. Will say that's not the case this time. All of these quickie couplet types whose answers go to a final answer are a little different. They do have one thing in common though and that is the location of at least what is probably the major clue. Here are the links to my other similar ones from before: Hope this helps. I never mind answering any questions you might have.
  10. Well you can be assured that one is correct! Only the final answer remains...
  11. hey t_l, 'sup, you know that hint's kinda taken for granted from this end.
  12. great one PG no, not that rsn. and thanks! yes, that rsn. nice shot!
  13. Hey - was flattered when you first stopped by that riddle and now, what to say? thanks so much for the wonderful comment. have previously enjoyed your 1000 post celebratory riddles and some others. am headed to check out more. hope you can get to the Den more often. Cheers

  14. Right on DD - at least with your answer. Nicely done.
  15. sorry chicory, not those. EDIT: added your other guess
  16. you definately know my style but that's not the answer this time DD.
  17. well, I did consider that but some of the best riddles are those that, when the answer becomes apparent, that answer has to be it imho. good stuff!
  18. hey hey Scudo - hope you're having another fabulously special day. Dont over do it. You know we dont recover as quickly as we used to. My memory's goin' so thought you might also appreciate a gentle reminder. Cheers

  19. Oh, too good DD. Got to be it. Was totally stumped before peeking. Quite clever peace*. (now watch this not be it, nah, has to be)
  20. plainglazed

    another great one. kinda goes without saying. never met a Shakee riddle I didn't thoroughly enjoy. especially liked the last bit. got another in ya? please?
  21. *phew* that takes care of 4. good stuff chic. your answer for 6. is really good but not what will help for the final answer.
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