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  1. should probably wait for above answers but am still new to this
  2. plainglazed

    I hesitate to chime in, not only because I'm all too often obviously wrong here and probably especially so since I've only briefly scanned the responses, but also because I'm not sure how to read the OP. "There are 13 separate piles of coins. Each pile has 4 identical coins in it." Does that mean that in the pile with the odd coins, 4 are like all the rest and 9 are off by delta? And if so and you are picking only 1,2,3,or 4 coins, couldnt you pick all normal coins even from the pile containing odd ones? Or does this line, "The 1 pile of counterfeit coins look and feel identical to the genuine coins." mean all the coins in the counterfeit pile are off by delta? Like I said tho, am probably missing something obvious...
  3. That is correct, sir! Tag...
  4. Hey - sorry for the delay. that darn pesky work thing. Yea to Nee. The rest, nay. oh one to be choosy in ed door of for is not do know I am rod won no the as Nee As to the guess, very observant but it is possible to have two different vowels and still fit this rule.
  5. no, the, as - come on in, you're the next contestants in the Green Glass Doors oh one to be choosy in ed door of for is not do know I am rod won no the as
  6. rod won own lost oh one to be choosy in ed door of for is not do know I am rod won
  7. none of those, DD. EDIT: nor any of those, LJ
  8. do not know I am - good to go inside oh one to be choosy in ed door of for is not do know I am
  9. is not can both be added to the list of those allowed within the Green Glass Doors. oh one to be choosy in ed door of for is not
  10. none of the above harvey45. am new at this but still think it's a fair rule and not too out there.
  11. hey LJayden - door, of, for are admitted.
  12. Oh, one to be choosy, in. ed The rest dont make it past the Green Glass Doors.
  13. Hey Framm - none of those slip thru the Green Glass Doors EDIT: On is in, the others remain out.
  14. Ok, new to this. Hope I didn't jump in out of turn in that last one. Have checked this out once before but that last guess was my first here. Have a rule in mind. Haven't gone thru the whole thread so hope this one hasn't been done already.
  15. Dude! whazupp? Indeed a rare pleasure. No need to sell yourself short. Looks like fun. Let's get this party started.
  16. hey Mollie Mae - lovely new riddle. as to the vagueness obviously only you can know but if I could suggest giving us a go as is for a bit? these folks here are sharp. take EDM's and the other answers above for example, very clever. anyway, rewrites/added verses vs hints at some point are the way to go imho.
  17. hey hm - wanted to add my name to the list of thankful and satisfied fun seekers. a really nice puzzle. deceptively challenging yet fair. good stuff.
  18. I had been working off the assumption of that first word then the middle word was indicated otherwise dont think I would have come up with that answer. And of course, best not to count ones chickens... *fingers crossed*
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