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  1. Hope ya'll haven't given up : ) See edit
  2. Don't know what that is (those are), so no, not it.
  3. Hi Liani. No, not a bear. If you wish, you can put your answer in a spoiler box so others will not see. It's the eye icon--top left. Thalia guessed this one, but you're welcome to keep trying. Welcome to Brainden.
  4. All good guesses but no luck so far. I'm editing a word in line 3.
  5. No, not that. Good guess, and see why you went there.
  6. Gracing pages of the past Just a servant I, at last. A dozen kisses, but not the one, Bearing life, death undone. A cup of Joe for a round! And for the round, by one was found.
  7. Nothing yet. Good guesses. Head slapper.
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