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  1. Shakeepuddn

    An Acrobatic Riddle

    I’m the acrobat at your command, Give me a whirl, or give me a stand. I’m the sentinel, doorman you need, Give me a go, a go-ahead from me. Hit me, poke me, nail me in your wake, Without my flips, weak knees would quake. I live in one state and travel to another, Sunny side up or fumble in the other.
  2. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    But of course!
  3. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Not it
  4. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

  5. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Good guess but incorrect. I'm looking for just the last name that's a first name.
  6. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Nothing yet folks. Read lines 2 and 3 carefully. I may have been lax in rendering due diligence to punctuation : ) You're on right track with the name game.
  7. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

  8. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Nah. This one's a bit tricky. Good guess though.
  9. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    My last name is a first name Both tell you what Your needs are my end game You would likely like cut. I'm not a good neighbor Though you see me a lot And the things I would tell you Would make you quite hot. I'm nosey to some And get in their face But that's a new name For a loftier place. I won't knock on your door And will enter unseen But if you have what's in store Then you better come clean.
  10. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    And we have a winner!
  11. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    Oooo . . . Wilson very close. Recheck edited version.
  12. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    Wow, some very unique answers here. Good try, but alas, no. Ok, all gimmies and hints are in! Rush to the endzone!
  13. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    Not judgement of your response: My clue . . . is that the answer involves a fun, interesting activity, mostly for kids, nudge nudge
  14. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    Not very entertaining, especially for kids: )
  15. Shakeepuddn

    A Simple Riddle

    Nah. Just a simple little object.