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  1. Shakeepuddn

    A Handy Riddle

    A cup overhead, bells at my feet A hand for my job, I’m active and fleet. Whistles and bells, above and below Ladder to ladder, I go with the flow.
  2. Shakeepuddn

    Showdown Riddle

  3. Shakeepuddn

    Showdown Riddle

    Not it. Think big
  4. Shakeepuddn

    Showdown Riddle

    Not it
  5. Shakeepuddn

    Showdown Riddle

    ? No
  6. Shakeepuddn

    Showdown Riddle

    Face to face, four against one The cowboy sees a rising sun. None are armed, one breast shown, Six old Indians gave them a home. Hard and heartless, indomitable wills, Lifeless eyes look to the hills.
  7. Shakeepuddn

    Another Honorable Riddle

    Near benches and chairs I am usually found Shaking hands with statesmen and kings. I open and close with an honorable sound; Silence my noble voice brings.
  8. Shakeepuddn

    An Honorable Riddle

    Which one? : )
  9. Shakeepuddn

    An Honorable Riddle

    Take me up and cast me forth upon each face these lines of worth. Holy nail that hailed a king And honor round a wheel would bring. Born of yore, wrapped in stone By hand of fate a spell undone.
  10. Shakeepuddn

    A Dutiful Riddle

    Ha, ha! Well done! Was it a light bulb moment?
  11. Shakeepuddn

    A Dutiful Riddle

  12. Shakeepuddn

    A Dutiful Riddle

    Good guess but incorrect
  13. Shakeepuddn

    A Dutiful Riddle

    An oldie but a goody (IMO): ****************************** Five-walled open house Shut my door and make it four. I know exactly who you are, Where you sleep, friends you keep. A loyal soldier out on tour I take my leaves overseas. So pin the gold upon my breast, Give me orders crossing borders.
  14. Shakeepuddn

    Burning Riddle

    But off Course! : )
  15. Shakeepuddn

    Burning Riddle

    Though seldom seen, I'm world renowned Ever in flight above the ground. Teeth chewing, gnashing in time gnawing on knots, shunning the find. My hands at the ready, arms at the stay Heart like the sun, burning away. Ears like a rabbit's, pinned to the side-- Listening close, far and wide.