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  1. Well THAT fell fast!
  2. One name for the nameless, me. I show you wealth you cannot see. I can say yes or I can say no. From corners four to middles I go.
  3. Both undying and now dead, The sword I wielded claimed my head. My gentle step was split asunder, Silent where my kin reign thunder. I lay upon a maiden's pillow, Hidden among both fern and willow. If vile waters you would drink, A tip from me is best, me-think.
  4. Oooh, great suggestion for a riddle! Thanks!
  5. You can find me overhead, Tell the man to shoot me dead. Royal bane within a tale, But for the lips I could not fail. Just a flower for the tall. I tempted first before the fall.
  6. A cup overhead, bells at my feet A hand for my job, I’m active and fleet. Whistles and bells, above and below Ladder to ladder, I go with the flow.
  7. Face to face, four against one The cowboy sees a rising sun. None are armed, one breast shown, Six old Indians gave them a home. Hard and heartless, indomitable wills, Lifeless eyes look to the hills.
  8. Near benches and chairs I am usually found Shaking hands with statesmen and kings. I open and close with an honorable sound; Silence my noble voice brings.
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