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  1. Sorry, must have missed this one but am afraid none of those are the answers I'm looking for.
  2. sorry chic, not that. nope, chicory's first guesses on this one were the closest so far, I think. similar to Chicory's answer not far off, just need similar that ironically ties into the first line of this one. ooh, just got it. not it but really clever for 5. There are five mini-riddles (one per couplet) each with a one word answer and then the five answers are further involved in a puzzle to find the final answer. Each couplet might contain any number of plays on words like homophones, puns, double entendre, etc. (reading them very literally can be helpful). Ultimately though, I would call them what am I's. Here are a couple of links to similar ones from before: I will say the clues could be any part of the OP that is not the five couplets. Hope this helps. Dont mind answering any questions you might have. Thanks for checking out the riddle. Hello Eragon - good guesses but not what you will need for the next step.
  3. Dude, nailed another. Good stuff. sorry clinton, neither. sorry chic, neither. close for the meaning of one half of this one.
  4. nope not it. Hey Wilson - so good to see you here. Have my money on you for the finale. None of the above will help you get there tho. hello ana_stassia - good answers all but not what I'm looking for. re 4. the bit about "remote odds" is kind of a nuance of the answers meaning and not really important as a clue. not my proudest, sorry.
  5. yes again, well done! no for this one. oh, btw DD, you dont have to do them in order
  6. Another great one Shakee! Five stars from me. So plainly hidden I still thought your titan explanation was a nod to t_l's Atlas guess until I saw chic's post above. Another, now double
  7. all five will be one word answers. and none of those, rsn.
  8. Well am all hyped up on sugar now. Had to be equitable afterall. Not all those things were packaged in multiples of three. Ahem, concentrate pg. None yet t_l. Think 2 maybe has a (ha) but a different one. Sorry.
  9. Hey rsn, sorry for the delay, been impersonating a Bunny. Your first of the three above is closest. Tie in the second line and I think you're there. Will soon be impersonating a sleeping father. Please keep at it.
  10. Your reply was faster than my edit you're right, I had missed that. 'fraid, tho, that'a not what I'm looking for.
  11. hey there rsn, your last ones for 2 and for 3 are along the same lines as my thinking. your answer for 4 is also good but not where I'm coming from. all are very insightful.
  12. rats, does make good sense but not what I'm after for that one.
  13. HAPPY EASTER!!! ☼ ♪ ♫ hey EDM - no to those, yes and returns to the Happy Easter sentiments. Thanks
  14. Comes often between as's almost now Willingly, readily, in the future somehow Up up in the sky, over seas it soars All in good time, they say, take yours Stand on the street, you might come by me Then maybe a kid, tickled pink they could be With such a great deal, the odds are remote Yet this could help you, to stay afloat You've made your bed now, so on it you must lay Too, ironic this vow, to love honor and obey Solve each of the five, two line riddles above Then follow the clues, for some additional love
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