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  1. Okay hm - one more...
  2. Oooh - like those Wilson, gotta be it.
  3. hey D - here's wishing you a fabulously special day.

  4. Have enjoyed these last two but am uncertain about another. Thanks for playing.
  5. Yes, indeed hm, exactly right. And that wraps it up.
  6. yep, Great puzzle by the way. yes, affirmitive that is right, correct. and thanks for the compliment. These are sharp puzzles, hope you have more in the pipeline. Yes, that's it Wilson. EDIT: Only one (down and across) left.
  7. right and right third door on the left. oh, right, right on! yeah, sorry about that one. pretty far fetched. figured it would need those around it solved for help and even then didn't know if the clue would be figured out. well done and thanks for the bail out.
  8. hey hm - long time...great to see you here. both are correct above. added a little to your 5D response. right again! headed over to check yours out. will copy and sneak peaks at offline as I must go out for a bit. cheers.
  9. Thanks DD, learned alot about setting these from that first one. Started with a symmetrical grid this time and worked filling it from long words to short. Much better. The real trick though is to not make the clues too obscure (which is easy to do) and yet still challanging. Correct, sir. Am thinking you may have worked some other clues as well. Thanks for the bump and answer, of course. Nothing is more refreshing than working on your puzzles .. this one is tougher though .. will work on it and get back Thanks so much, rsn. May have to get back into the wai game soon but have enjoyed these. Am afraid I must say no to you response tho. See ya soon, I hope. Hey Wilson - Agree, this one's a little harder but hopefully not overly so. Correct on all the above. Well done.
  10. Well hello DD, fancy seeing you here. Right and right, of course. I like the addition of the explanations (but not necessary). Just noticed I kinda messed up the word count on that 2D but it didn't seem to bother you.
  11. Click here for a wiki article on how these play out.
  12. plainglazed

    am still at it and mostly working on 4 but 2 and 3, too. re 4, am trying to rationalize the jump in the sequence when B4 goes from 7 to 8 in the successive clues last added. converting B4 to base 8 and mod 5 initially looked promising, and also with B2 and B3 when you add B4 back in, but the little time I've been able to give it has produced anything conclusive.
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