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  1. Hey chic and peace. Still not those. This isnt really a rewrite but literally another way to look at it. Each line bringing it's own relevence to the answer- When you're put on the spot Maybe you can tell this tale Dispense with formality Don't fight it tooth and nail A clear cut solution Not only for good measure Hold on to the present To help withstand the pressure
  2. hooray - lots of fun. good stuff peace! ps - you cant do it from the fast reply dialogue box you have to go to the Full Editor (by either clicking the Add Reply or Use Full Editor button) and click the Manage Topic Poll button. have heard it's sometimes not there but never had that problem myself. woot woot, thanks again.
  3. still not yet. both titles can be clues but hopefully more understood after the riddle's answer.
  4. yeah, your take is correct. not that. in fact all is not as it seems.
  5. Well I never really can tell. Thought so at first but now am starting to doubt. Next page a hint if it still merits.
  6. oh and thats fine, thanks!! always thought those two were right around the corner. still not it. it does now that I read it with that in mind but am looking for something different.
  7. not that, peace. working on yours just my minds not so quick. just fyi. the working on it bit, that is.
  8. hey you guys, none of the above. there is (hopefully) one single answer for the entire riddle.
  9. hi back at ya! and thanks for getting this one started but must honestly say that's not it.
  10. plainglazed

    ooh, like that one answer.
  11. When you're put on the spot maybe you can tell this tale Dispense with formality but don't fight it tooth and nail A clear cut solution if not only for good measure Is living in the present to help withstand the pressure
  12. Thanks for the fun PG! Was gonna let that go but am still chuckling. Thank you for the grins.
  13. Thanks to all who played along. It was a great ride.
  14. hey rsn - cant say I know what that is. oh, just now see where you got that. 'fraid not.
  15. that's correct. there is still something left though...
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