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  1. For a clue to the rest, turn back to the start After that then another, so too to impart
  2. the first one above finishes the five. well done DD! sorry rsn, there is a little more to figure though.
  3. hey chic - nada DD - correct once again. Now for the clean sweep? hey slangester - sorry, no. Only the third to go - Stand on the street, you might come buy me Then maybe a kid tickled, pink it could be Realize now that a more specific answer than intended would have more than one syllable, if that makes sense.
  4. Nevermind, just saw that it is only one syllable. This can't be the answer hidy ho hambo - 'fraid I still gotta say no.
  5. Still have the third and fifth couplet to solve. Fear I've said too much and further muddied the waters so will try keep my responses to the point. - REWRITE - Stand on the street, you might come buy me Then maybe a kid tickled, pink it could be Ones unfortunate situation, 'tis cause for dismay Too, ironic this vow, to love honor and obey Oh, one last HINT. All five words to the five couplets are one syllable EDIT: just saw yours DD, still no.
  6. not it. nor that. you're going in the opposite direction. EDIT: added response
  7. looks like our posts crossed in the ethernet. but not it.
  8. neither of those, chicory. all of those work for the second line of this one but another should work for the first line, too. nope au contraire to these two you two.
  9. Well hello there slangester and welcome to the Den. Your answer, though well conceived, is not what I'm going for on this one. Please give it another go. Thanks
  10. Don't know if this will be of any help but cant seem to come up with another approach to this one. - REWRITE - An unfortunate condition, is cause for dismay Too, ironic this vow, to love honor and obey
  11. not it and not that involved. thought your first guesses on this one were coming from the right place and closest so far.
  12. too funny, not it but too funny nope now why would you say that? not necessarily wrong mind you but...
  13. smart kid but not it. really clever though.
  14. yes and no, yes 3. is still out there but no to your 5. regarding 3, don't think it's way out there. my 11 year old daughter got it straight off. did change one homophone as a result. think kids just dont get caught up in expected meanings or have their own.
  15. still not but thanks for the encouragement. do so enjoy.
  16. nope, not that. and you're right, that last one and the other one I liked so much do make perfect sense and the logic behind them perfectly fits my style. not just an excuse but two liners are hard to make exclusive. kinda why I cheat and make the group of answers involved in a final answer. thanks for sticking with it despite.
  17. nope, sorry *shrugs meekishly* still on track tho.
  18. If this is no it then i'll have to wait for DD to state the obvious and me going oh no, not it but dont wait for DD. this one is maybe not so obvious or at least not quite as common a word, especially for the second definition. as with all my puzzles tho, outside research is never frowned upon on this end. that's not to say you dont know the word, it's really not that uncommon.
  19. ooh, closest yet! perfect fit all around. spot on with the logic. rats! unfortunately you will still need a different word for the finale.
  20. Still right on track but need a different word yet.
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