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See if you can get a supervisor. :) Like, someone who handles posts and things if you can't do it. When I hosted my first TMM, Nana was my supervisor. She largely sat back on the sidelines and only stepped in when I either messed up a post too badly, or was unable to get something done b/c of school.

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If this can not fill signups in 3 months then something is terribly wrong. Mike do you have a concept ready? For first time hosting it is good to keep it simple, especially as this is a newbie mafia. You could also try a mafia with just 7 or 8 players with 2 of them baddies depending on how signups go.

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Mike, if you like I can cohost with you to show you the ropes of hosting and help you put together a game quickly so we can start this. This has been in signups for a pretty long time so I suggest going with a smaller game that would not need any additional players than have already signed up.

edit unless someone else who has hosted before would like to cohost with Mike?

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