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  1. <pretend this is gray> sorry for the lack of activity, was a crazy day and Internet failed, but at least my night guesses weren't doing too much good anyway lol- good luck! </pretendGray>
  2. I'm on board with lynching kika as it's so far the best option- but as for others, do we have any reason to trust onetruth? Seems like one could be one of the others(if I'm not missing something lol )
  3. Hey all, sorry about inactivity but I'm afraid I'm not too much help in terms of info- I'm pretty lost as to whose baddies, I was thinking Phil & nana since the beginning but now it seems at least like it's not both of them? Or at least they're real tricky -- we should definitely get off bonanova, there's no reason for that, so it makes me real suspicious of nana and kik (the two who got on last) -- I guess put me on voting for kik for now? Thanks
  4. I don't trust nana, but put me on tole so there's no vote shenanigans
  5. Oh ok, yeah still nana please- seems to be the best chance, if not then we guess based on badwagoning/ voting stuff?
  6. Sorry for not being on a computer, but someone please out me down voting for nana b/c it seems we really have no other leads :/ also waiting on answers to those questions lol
  7. Little scared that nana is going for a aggressive baddie approach and set up the first night as a risky validation/exemption thing to seem a goodie, but idk, just a thought Also I'm thinking maybe Grundy is the baddie that's not in the game? Hopefully we get some more info soon so we can know whether or not to be vigilant towards the Ares vote- switch
  8. Hey! The email worked, I'm in! Dr. Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) 5) marksmanjay 6) 7) onetruth 8) dee_tot 9) plasmid 10) TwoaDay 11) 12) Kikacat123 13) Araver27182818284 14) 15) Barca Back-ups: 1) 2)
  9. i still think yodell and panther might be baddies...
  10. yeah y-san sent it on the 13th at like 11:30 pm, i didnt see it untill today at like 11:30 am lol, and ok so yeah, sry, hirk didnt have to be indy edit: spelling
  11. sounds pretty good right now - o and btw, whoevers flash, i was the one you targeted in the last day i guess, i didnt get to send the message though because of troubles with BD and such (didnt get the message that i could send a message until this (real life) morning) - if anyone (particularly yodell i guess lol) wants to contest this, i can just confirm by telling who the message was going to be sent to
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