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@Cubie Roy is my best friend IRL. He goes by the username hotterthnfire on BDen, but I call him Roy. I can't quite remember why, but I think it had something to do with Fullmetal Alchemist, his obsession with Roy Mustang, and a really long and boring bus ride....

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Here are the roles for TMM XII: Cirque du Freak Mafia

Goodies: WinCon: to eliminate all of the baddies.

Darren Shan - RID Kill

Alice Burgress - Block

Vancha March - Save

Harkat Mulds - Redirect

Debbie Hemlock - Spy

Larten Crepsley - Die Roll (1 - Spy, 2 - Block, 3 - Save, 4 - Trap, 5 - RID Kill, 6 - Any role)

Baddies: WinCon: gain majority over the goodies, has BTSC

Steve "Leopard" Leonard - NK

Gannen Harst - Redirect

Desmond Tiny - Every night, chooses between the roles of block and spy

In the BTSC, baddies get to choose one of three secret abilities.

Indy: WinCon: Eliminate Steve Leopard and identify Larten Crepsley and Darren Shan

Madam Octa - chooses between RID Kill and spy every night

If you find somethind that needs to be improved upon, feel free to comment about it, I am still trying to get the kinks out of it.

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the whole faction picks a secret ability, so the secret ability is still intact because at least one baddie is still alive.

Btw, if the indy can't kill steve, the alternative WinCon is to stay til the end. If madam octa finishes the first wincon, then the are pulled out of the game.

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Also, have you checked the balance? I'm not really good at that but it seems like this is balanced in favor of the baddies and the indy is sc*****.

i second that , i'm not good with balance either but at least add another goodie .

let's say the baddies had a N1 NK on goodies (good chance) 5 goodies left and the D1 lynch might be in the favor of the baddies too so this might drop to 4-3

with the baddies having a spy and knowing at least one role it could end fast .

i know there might be a lucky save N1 or whatever but the odd are on favor of the baddies.

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Here's the OOP

Trap>>RID Kill>>RID Kill>>Redirect>Redirect>Block>Block>>Save>>NK>>Spy>Spy>Spy

Once again, feel free to comment on it

@Thalia, hopefully the OOP will even it out.

Edit: good idea g, wait one moment I have to update the character anyways.

Edited by TheCube
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