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  1. carrying on from where wolfgang left off...
  2. MikeD

    UN Mafia III

    Players: 1. Thalia - abstains from voting 2. bonanova - voting for MikeD 3. Molly Mae - abstains from voting 4. Flamebirde - abstains from voting 5. maurice - quarantined by Sweden 6. MikeD - abstains from voting 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China @bonanova Are you planning to remove your vote? @Thalia I missed you post yesterday. Sorry. Petty much the same as what i thought and posted later.
  3. MikeD

    UN Mafia III

    Unless i misread, Germany might have targeted Plasmid, but their saved failed and now has x0 vote. yes? The Break quarantine is stated as used during the day. But are the add/remove vote used during the day or have to be choose the previous night? And can they use more than one a day? problem with picking the first on the list is if its Germany, and then they die. But i do have a though about this will discuss later on. I agree that Germany is our weakness link. Your numbers are slightly off if into night is 3-1-1 and baddies and US kill then its 1-1-1. Giving a good change that Sweden only needs to kill China, but if Sweden is voted off then China can kill and win, almost a autolose if we lynch a town and two more die at night. Though we must be careful cause Germany might have a x0 vote and China can remove a vote.
  4. MikeD

    UN Mafia III

    Firstly some questions: Can Sweden self target? If not then maurice cannot be Sweden. And I forget and havent played for a while and have played on a number of site where the rules have been different so i just gonna ask. What does OOA mean? If someone dies at night does there action still go through? If that is true then plasmid could have been Sweden? USA: I would imagine that even nights would be picked for at least some information before a kill. Germany: though saves can be helpful, this is actually our weak link IMO, because of the risk of a x0 vote. Russia: Should have some (hopefully) useful information to either clear someone or suspect someone. UK: Should be able to clear someone else (maybe) from being Sweden. Australia: I would image that australia would use anything night 1, maybe a save if anything. Looking at things, tomorrow we probable will be at 2-1-1 is we mis-lynch today. (not counting USA kills) Which is a bad situation for the UN alliance given Sweden RID kill and China's vote remove. So thinking out aloud here: We we no lynch today. This gives UK a extra day to block Sweden (if not able to do this that UK will be able to clear some players) depending of cause of the targets of teh block, kills and trap.) An extra day for Russia to get more information. (of cause if they still around then) What do you guys think? (will will still be at 2-1-1 (or 3-1-0) with USA kill) I tried to post this early (hours ago) but my phone was given problems. So I might have repeated things that have been discussed. I will read now that im on the computer whats has been going on. (i see i have 2 votes ) I feel that its now too late for a random vote. so im not voting until i read (and re-read) the day so far.
  5. MikeD

    UN Mafia III

    posting a post to post a post
  6. 1. Flamebirde - Confirmed 2. MikeD - Confirmed 3. DyalDragon - Confirmed 4. Kikacat123 - Active, Not Confirmed 5. Marksmanjay - Confirmed 6. bonanova - Confirmed 7. Barcallica - Active, Not Confirmed 8. Brainiac100 - Absent 9. The Cube - Absent 10. araver - Active, Not Confirmed 11. onetruth - Confirmed 12. dee_tot - Confirmed 13. TwoaDay - Confirmed 14. Aura - Active, Not Confirmed 15. Magic - Confirmed 16. Hirkala - Absent 17. Panther - Active, Not Confirmed 18. Bmad - Active, Not Confirmed 19. mboon - Absent Confirming. If this game ever start i will be amazed.
  7. Oh dear! What have i done Questions about the wincons: Are we informed that a player is trying to leave the game? If someone leave the game, does the game continue?
  8. how come I was not spamed!!!1 it been a bit of a while since i been on here, i was just passing through and thought let me join a mafia game. (Host): araver Players: 1.Thalia 2.bonanova 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MikeD 8. 9. 10. 11. Backups 1. 2.
  9. My sick puppy has coryza that was caused by sleeping in the riparian land near the Nile, while looking for some dactylography of the man who changed the evection. I think hope that it right, so many big words. If it is right my words are; Running, printer, mountain, beer, blue
  10. MikeD

    EPYC (n+2)

    Je suis retourne! 1. Aaryan 2. Panther 3. Jay 4. Y-san 5. Flamebirde 6. MikeD 7. 8. Brainy 9. 10.
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