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  1. Do I always need to complete my movement? Or can I use the black squares as a wall and just run into them to stop?
  2. The letter E not in your alphabet?
  3. I'm sorry, this is vulgar, but every time I see the title I think.
  4. Ok, I was thinking more of one of the calculators that old school accountants use. The ones with the little spool of paper that print out as they do their calculations.
  5. I forgot to check earlier, but it is gone now. Less than 2 weeks... not bad.
  6. LOL. I have no idea what that is but I'm happy you accepted my answer.
  7. Seems as though there is a near infinite amount of answers. EDIT: Nevermind, did it in a less graphical way
  8. Thank You I'm curious too. It all depends on when they re-cache their pages. Although it used to be on the bottom half of the first page, now it is the top link when my name is Googled.
  9. Now I finally understand it. Thanks for the video, I was confused as all hell before.
  10. Just curious. I was hoping to get my name and stuff deleted from the Anonymity thread. I know that is kind of hypocritical, but with my unique last name this appears on the first page of Google searches. your last name has been deleted. you should now answer to,"hey you."
  11. TheChad08

    One Up Me

    ... he learned the race isn't a potato sack race
  12. Does this silence mean I'm right?
  13. TheChad08

    The Bible

    EDIT: Nothing
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