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  2. pleas
  3. refresh the page. my post expanded a bit.
  4. So sorry.
  5. P is proven as first letter by the folllowing: Plant-1 means one of those letters is right. -LANT disproven by: -L disproven by Blimp-0 --A disproven by Again-0 ---N disproven by Wrung-0 ----T disproven by Reset-0 only the P is left for Plant S is proven as final letter. Coins-1 means one of those letters must be right. C is disproven since P is 1st letter. -OIN is disproven since the 1 point in Point-1 is the P. That only leaves the S for Coins.
  6. WRUNG If 5 then woot
  7. 6 was almost true, it happened a few days before the 21st.
  8. I vote 6 It is fun for a girl and a boy. Oh wait, that is slinky. People pretend to be pretzels on a giant game board.
  9. I vote 2
  10. I vote 5 Plenty of time for people to catch up.
  11. I choose 5
  12. When I saw 8 I misread "buries" as "bunnies" and thought an avalanche sent a bunch of bunnies to kill school children. And then I remembered Anya singing "bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!"
  13. i vote 3