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  1. Do I always need to complete my movement? Or can I use the black squares as a wall and just run into them to stop?
  2. The letter E not in your alphabet?
  3. I'm sorry, this is vulgar, but every time I see the title I think.
  4. Ok, I was thinking more of one of the calculators that old school accountants use. The ones with the little spool of paper that print out as they do their calculations.
  5. I forgot to check earlier, but it is gone now. Less than 2 weeks... not bad.
  6. LOL. I have no idea what that is but I'm happy you accepted my answer.
  7. Seems as though there is a near infinite amount of answers. EDIT: Nevermind, did it in a less graphical way
  8. Thank You I'm curious too. It all depends on when they re-cache their pages. Although it used to be on the bottom half of the first page, now it is the top link when my name is Googled.
  9. Now I finally understand it. Thanks for the video, I was confused as all hell before.
  10. Just curious. I was hoping to get my name and stuff deleted from the Anonymity thread. I know that is kind of hypocritical, but with my unique last name this appears on the first page of Google searches. your last name has been deleted. you should now answer to,"hey you."
  11. TheChad08

    One Up Me

    ... he learned the race isn't a potato sack race
  12. Does this silence mean I'm right?
  13. TheChad08

    The Bible

    EDIT: Nothing
  14. Oops, forgot to put my post in spoilers. Sorry about that. As for the calculations, I don't know how to write programs to do that for me as there would be thousands of possibilities.
  15. The question is about probability of reach 20,21 or 22+ If the odds are higher than you'll reach 20 or 21, you want seat 1. If the odds are higher that you'll bust, you want seat 3. 1/13 chance of an Ace 1/13 chance of a two 1/13 chance of a 3 etc. 1/13 chance of a 9 4/13 chance of a 10 card (10 or face). Using those numbers, what are the odds of being dealt a 20, 21 or 22+?
  16. I think it is fairly obvious that this guy just wanted an answer and that's it. He's never coming back. His only posts were in this thread and a long time ago.
  17. To be completely fair, the U.S. stance on freedom of speech is ridiculous. Canada has freedom of speech, but we don't allow people to promote hatred and say whatever they want. We limit their rights based on the rights of others. Your Westboro Baptist Church wouldn't be allowed to operate how they do in Canada. The constant claims of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS MY RIGHT" with respect to these racist, homophobic, etc. statements just seems like a contradiction to the freedoms of others. I am quite pleased with the Canadian progress in terms of bullying online. As everyone knows, that Amanda Todd woman was Canadian, and recently there has been a strong push for punishment for cyber bullying. 8 students were recently arrested/detained in London Ontario with respect to cyber bullying. That being said, it is extremely hard to police the internet because of jurisdictional issues. If an American is posting hatred on a Canadian website (or website accessible by Canadians), we cannot limit their rights. As for reddit, I don't visit the site but I never knew the dark side of it and how inappropriate it was.
  18. TheChad08

    One Up Me

    Touche sir... touche
  19. TheChad08

    One Up Me

    Must resist making fun of Americans... this is harder than you think.
  20. The main difference between Anonymous outing the guy and the police doing is it the collection of evidence. Groups like Anon could hack into Amanda's Facebook account, or his, and figure out who was sending the messages. Police aren't given that ability and any evidence collected from that, or follows from that, would be inadmissible in court. As for my views on anonymity. Perhaps instead of removing all ability to be anonymous, we should fix the current system of changing IP addresses. What if you could allow people to be anonymous with usernames and their online identity, but if every individual has their own special code/pin/IP address/etc. then it would make it a lot easier for police to deal with cyber crimes. Granted this still allows the oppressive governments to figure out their activists, but it is a better balance between complete anonymity and full disclosure. I'm also sure that it would be relatively easy for there to be a group set up in a free state that would allow those in oppressed states to send information directly to them, and then they would broadcast that to the rest of the world. It is similar to using a proxy server, but it is using a willing proxy person. P.S. My last name is Eastern European, I claim it is Polish. I have no idea how to pronounce it properly since I am Canadian through and through.
  21. Chad Male 26 years old Georgetown, Ontario, Canada My laziness of filling out the profile is not a representation of anonymity.
  22. Here's some information about your violentacrez guy: Michael Brutsch Arlington, TX • +1 989 278 8724 michael@mbrutsch.com • www.mbrutsch.com Summary Over twenty-five years of programming, design and systems maintenance experience with a focus on the UNIX/Linux environment and systems software. Extensive experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of user interface systems. Note to Recruiters: I no longer use MUMPS, and do not know of anyone who does. Thank you. Current Skills Scripting Languages: Perl, Bash, PHP Integration: ACH, Leads Online, Business Watch International Databases: SQL Server Packaging/Code Control: Git Misc: Regular Expressions Past Skills Visual Languages: Visual Studio Scripting Languages: MUMPS Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Apache Server, XML, SOAP, JavaScript E-Commerce: PayPal, PaySystems Integration Databases: SQL Server Networking: Bind/DNS, iptables, iproute Packaging/Code Control: APT, RPM, CVS, BitKeeper Misc: LDAP Experience First Cash Financial Services - Arlington, Texas August 2004 - October 2012 Application Developer Write point-of-sale and back-end accounting applications for financial services company using Perl and MS-SQL Experience with police/FBI reporting for pawn stores, ATF regulations for gun sales, and ACH integration Photo Digital Imaging - Irving, Texas April 2004 - August 2004 PHP Programmer / Linux Systems administratorContracted to redesign, rewrite and deploy portions of golf-related website Developed threaded socket server to communicate with Verifone POS terminals Implemented server-side message handlers based on predefined protocols Introduced CVS for source code control Compiled and installed MySQL/Apache/PHP on Debian and RedHat servers Implemented wikiweb (TWiki), used extensively for online documentation Typical sysadmin duties, including tape backups, server installs, user mail, Windows integration, etc. Global Cyber Strategies - Dallas, Texas August 2003 - March 2004 Perl Programmer / Linux Systems administratorMaintained DNS for several hundred domains using Perl scripts Wrote Perl scripts to generate custom Apache configuration for several hundred domains running on remote webservers Wrote front-end scripts in Perl and PHP for database data-entry, server-side scripts in Perl to generate websites from templates and data Compiled/installed Linux kernels, Apache, PHP, etc. Replaced SonicWall firewall with Linux/iptables Installed LDAP; migrated existing users Typical sysadmin duties, including tape backups, server installs, user mail, Windows integration, etc. Netmark, International - Anchorage, AK. (telecommute) August 2001 - October 2003 Perl DeveloperMigrated existing Perl CGI scripts to OO-compliant modules in support of mod_perl conversion Led migration of Perl codebase from CVS to BitKeeper Acted as primary support programmer, for existing 400,000-line Perl codebase Led migration of support tracking to Bugzilla Interfaced payment systems with PayPal and Revecom (Paysystems), using Perl Developed cost-based ROI tracking Intrusion.com - Dallas, Texas January 2001 - August 2001 Perl/CGI DeveloperDeveloped a secure, SOAP-based API for remote system administration in Perl using SSL over HTTP on a hardened Redhat Linux Developed a modular GUI framework and subsequent web-based client in Perl based upon the SOAP API Served as buildmaster; led migration of codebase from CVS to BitKeeper Built RPMs for Perl Modules from in-house and third-party code for public release Managed development process from requirements to 'gold' manufacturing release TIAS.com - Houston, Texas (telecommute) January 2000 - January 2001 Systems EngineerResponsible for developing, operating and maintaining all email services for a registered user base of 100,000 individuals, using Perl Managed bulletin boards, written in Perl Performed sysadmin tasks and systems support for five high-end servers Modified GPL C code as required for improving systems functionality Dynacare Labs, Inc. - Addison, Texas 1999 - 2000 PHP Developer (Contract)Developed interactive corporate Internet/intranet web site using PHP with MySQL and Apache running under Red Hat Linux Created forms to allow employees to update web site information without editing HTML Made modifications to 3rd-party website hosted by Dynacare Developed forms and templates using PHP and custom graphics using the GIMP Electronic Data Systems (EDS) - Plano, Texas 1998 - 1999 Systems Engineer, Advanced [*]Linux system administrator for departmental Apache web server [*]Authored and maintained intranet site using PHP and MySQL on Slackware and Red Hat distributions [*]Installed and upgraded Apache, Perl, Samba, MySQL, and PHP [*]Familiar with standard GNU utilities, X11, networking, firewalls [*]Managed local and national development teams developing desktop and distributed applications using Delphi and HL7 [*]Provided support to Y2K / IV&V group Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) - Dallas, Texas 1997 - 1998 Senior Systems Analyst [*]System administrator for Linux and Windows NT servers [*]Designed NT-based intranet [*]Trained users in web design and maintenance using FrontPage and related technologies [*]Adapted laboratory instrument interface specs for use on intranet [*]Maintained existing laboratory systems [*]Developed instrument interfaces [*]Trained users in device troubleshooting techniques [*]Developed system utilities [*]Designed and implemented device management system VA Medical Center - Charleston, SC 1989 - 1996 Senior Software Developer (GS-11) [*]Technical Lead for Delphi development project to replace and augment legacy MUMPS-based HIS systems with client/server Primary Care application [*]Experienced with Borland Delphi V 1.0 - 4.0, MUMPS, HTML, Windows API VMS Systems Manager (GS-7 - GS-9) [*]Responsible for 24x7 hospital data center including VMS and DSM systems, VMS clusters, DSM installation and configuration, application and IDE upgrades, VMS upgrades and performance tuning, and PathWORKS LAN [*]Developed numerous time-saving automated systems for multiple environments [*]Gained proficiency in VMS, DCL, MUMPS. POSIX, Clustering, DECnet, PathWORKS, TCP/IP (UCX) Digital Computer Mechanic (GS-5) [*]Software Developer - Developed integrated software interface to automated pharmaceutical equipment [*]Distributed and supported software nationally [*]Computer Mechanic - Responsible for rewiring datacenter, PC hardware installation, troubleshooting and maintenance Miscellaneous Positions 1983 - 1989 Office Manager, Warehouse Manager, Machine Operator and Computer Operator U.S. Air Force - HQ AFSC, Andrews AFB, MD / HQ SAC, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE 1981 - 1983 MAJCOM Programming Specialist [*]Assigned to Command Headquarters [*]Developed software to monitor mainframe system performance [*]Created graphics display systems for reporting to senior command staff [*]Interfaced mainframe and PC networks in support of ARPANET using Z80 and TOPS-20 assembler [*]Trained users and technical staff AWARDS Superior Performance Awards - VA - 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 EDUCATION Technical and programming training initially obtained during scholarship programs and military service; additional education subsequently gained through in-house training, independent study and industry seminars.
  23. Wow, after reading into this reddit moderator guy, I just realized exactly how intertwined these events are. The violentacrez guy apparently started something called "jailbait" where people share pictures of underage women. This is (possibly) the same website mentioned when talking about the 32 year old man who harassed and stalked an underage woman resulting in her suicide. The internet creates a place for the dangerous people to meet and escalate their activities. Without the ability for people to act as they do, there would be less escalation as they wouldn't have the support system and competition with each other. Would they continue to feed their perversions if they didn't have this type of system?
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