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  1. Food for thought. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_light
  2. Quag

    What Excites You

    Just have to say that last weekend i managed to get a flight in a hot air ballon, Very very cool I`m still waiting to get a ride on a hover craft and an ornthriper and I think that covers all our known methods of air travel
  3. Too young for the landings but I have huge respect for the man.
  4. Quag

    Sorry, guys

    Dont ask Miki questions or Thalia will shank you!
  5. 4. stretch those minutes to 24 hrs and I all in
  6. Quag

    Sorry, guys

    Hope RL treats you well and that eventually you can come back here
  7. Quag


    There are 2 north and 2 south poles, The magnetic and the true poles. They are not in the same place, the magnetic moves around a bit too. Thus if you are at the North Pole you can head east or west as long as you base it on the use of the other pole. As an example from where I am currently The magnetic declination is 16 degrees west. All this to say that If I am standing at the North Pole I can head east or west, and head to the other North pole though when you get near the poles compasses tend to get wonky so a GPS would help you out BTW the magnetic NP is in Canada we rule!
  8. HAPPY LATE B-DAY!!!! Sup?

  9. Quag

    What Excites You

    I'm excited cause i,m going flying tomorrow!
  10. Quag

    Evidence of God's Design

    Just to be clear you believe god exists because someone/thing had to create the universe?
  11. Quag

    Evidence of God's Design

    I'm not really sure what my aprents are, they used to go to church till one day there was a sermon that made my folks really angry and now they don`t go. Maybe they believe in god, I'm not sure but I know they don't like organized religion.
  12. Quag

    One Up Me

    Are you suggestion EDM is actively trying to promote the end of the world??? Hmm now I think about it,it kinda makes sense!
  13. Quag

    One Up Me

    Last week, Japanese scientists proved that Godzilla did not attack Tokyo and it was all an elaborate hoax. They cited the non realistic rubber skin shown in the footage as well as providing proof that the Tokyo destroyed was actually a small scale model of the city. The scientists took quite a bit of time coming to their conclusions and carefully studied the film frame by frame to discover the innacurracies that led them to their conclusions. The lack of people in any of the large scale shots, when they would have expected to see thouhsands running and screaming. The close ups of Godzilla neve
  14. Quag

    One Up Me

    "Out of the frying pan onto the plate eggs must go" said Yoda to Luke when teaching him how to use the force to make breakfast.
  15. Quag

    Evidence of God's Design

    To summarize my position in previous posts on the subject I don`t know if god exists or not. But There is 0 nada not one shred of evidence that he does. (or doesn`t , but the OP was about evidence that he does exist)
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