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  1. TrollMan

    What Excites You

    What gets me excited? Running. Expecially when I get that massive flush of endorphins and adrenaline.
  2. Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman
  3. Really!? I was born at a young age too!
  4. TrollMan

    What I Am

    mothking14, if none of us are right, could you at least hint us in the right direction
  5. TrollMan

    Can't Read?

    I read it, and then, BAM, 2 seconds later, I chuckle. It seems to mimic the mechanism of a joke, where there text takes you through a typical scenario, and then the catch-phrase emerges in an 'Aha, I got you' fashion, and thus causing us to burst into laughter, concealing our humble sense of anticipation. Of course your mental state and intelligence does play a role, too.
  6. ^ slow and steady wins the race =) Is this correct? Yes, you got it!
  7. TrollMan

    Types could include: sudoku, crossword, riddles, logic puzzles, logic grid problems, lateral/divergent thinking puzzles, mathematical, anagrams, frame games (rebus), matchstick puzzles, etc What kind of puzzles do you most enjoy, and why? What are the most cognitively demanding types of puzzles for you?
  8. well, IQ154, with a name like mine who wouldnt downrate me Homework? Are you saying you didnt enjoy this puzzle!? sditty, good job.
  9. is the answer something tangible?
  10. There were 100 people present at a baseball-card show: 59 were men 72 were football- and baseball-card collectors 81 were college graduates 89 were right-handed What is the least number of men who were both football- and baseball-car collectors and right-handed college graduates? Show your reasoning
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