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Community Answers

  1. I really believe that if we can have strong advertising in the right places, this can and will be crowded once again. It may take many people to show what exists here. It may take a societies of nerds to be invaded with ads. This site was doing super in 2006 and up until the crash. If it was catchy at that time, it can be just as good going if not better. Biggest trouble is not enough helpers and clients here to give a darn. Hopefully it will happen or something more exciting is keeping this old-fashioned and not as attractive.
  2. Sorry for the delay but I had been busy winning 7 back to back Mafia games. This is not yet put together as no one has asked to co host but I will accept a pm from all to send you to our Mafia site that is always looking for players.
  3. That's what I figured, we can do an old game set up with a different title but people aren't playing these days.
  4. Slick will host a Mafia game if 12 are interested but there is a catch. He needs an experienced co-host to be available as well. Just put your names in below and the game will begin ASAP.
  5. Puzzles are easier for me. GG all.
  6. Oh well, can't win them all.......
  7. No let Freeown back up instead of me as I got busy moving.
  8. FYI: If mtamburini can find the brainden email and click the confirmation link to be a member here, he may back up for me if he can do it in time. XD
  9. I can play but this seems to have died out completely.
  10. K, if she wants it really bad I can sacrifice. Haven't heard in PM yet. IDK
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