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  1. TheAlexanderJohn

    Seconds Or Miles?

    Are there more seconds in a week or feet in 100 miles?
  2. TheAlexanderJohn

    Dollar Puzzle: $9909

    Sorry, no.
  3. TheAlexanderJohn

    5 Language Equations

    2 G on a R = Grooves On A Record
  4. TheAlexanderJohn

    5 Language Equations

    Below you can find 5 language equations. For example, 7 = D in a W refers to 7 = Days in a Week. Can you determine the answers? 52 = W in a Y 64 = S on a C B 12 = M in a Y 2 = G on a R 60 = S in a M Best of luck.
  5. TheAlexanderJohn

    Dollar Puzzle: $9909

    Nine thousand, nine hundred and nine dollars is written as $9909. How should twelve thousand, twelve hundred and twelve dollars be written?
  6. TheAlexanderJohn

    For example, E7 would be England

    Without using any reference material can you find the hidden countries. In each case, the letter indicates the first letter of the country in question, the number represents the number of letters in the country. For example, E7 would be England. Z6, L10, I9, E7, B6, J7, P8, M10, P4, F4 I heard this one a long time ago, but I would still love to share it.
  7. TheAlexanderJohn

    Maggie Mathematical has five sons.

    Here's a fun puzzle that I thought you guys might like: One is called Alpha, another is called Beta, the third is called Gamma and the fourth is called Fred. What is the fifth son's name? Try to crack that one! Alexander John
  8. Hey guys, I'm Alex. Like I said in the title, I love longboarding, traveling, and going on adventures. One of my favorite silly mind puzzle: If Today Is Monday, what is the day after the day before the day before tomorrow? Just a silly one but I like it. Well can't wait to post my favorite silly mind puzzles for you guys. Talk with you soon, Alexander John