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  1. nope but man, you must like to live dangerously. did get a kick out of your answer tho.
  2. I really like that one as an alternative answer so will consider this one solved. For what it's worth, mine involves a neighbor of yours. The work I'm looking for costume jewelry is a straight synonym but perhaps now realize not so common knowledge? The "spousal reception" clue can and should probably just read "spouse." Nothing about a wedding but the "reception" bit relates back to the answer. The "mount" in one of the other clues is similar. Totally! And, nice find on that last one. yeah, oops right on plasmid, nicely deciphered nah, no wedding involved woot woot, these last two were kinda extra credit and figured they'd go last. well done, Thalia gonna go with no on that one. hey plasmid - your last one above will call half right. this one's not my proudest. your middle one above is quite clever/chuckle inducing, nice. guess the first one's also half right and along the right subject. yes indeed! cruisin now.
  3. @‌ Thalia - that edit came about when I copied and pasted from my notes with answers, good catch and nice solve for that one. that and the last one are similar ie homographs vs homophones @‌ bonanova - yeah, I agree. Thalia is quite good at these. Now realize they are less apparent then when I was composing them. My sense of difficulty was somewhat skewed after playing with them for a while. @‌ Wilson - Hou's it gaun auld friend? Great to see you here. Good answers, both yet different than mine.
  4. hey T - your first one above does indeed work yet is different than mine. I really like it. The very last two of this puzzle are derived a little differently than the others (well my answers were at least). Your second answer above is as I intended but not your third one. Will have to do a little Wikipedia-ing to look into a Croatia/Byzantium connection. This one anyway is my least favorite and I might should have culled it before posting. And one of your "ideas" matches where I was coming from - okay the first one. - Cheers and @‌‌ bonanova - thanks man, liked that one, too. so far...
  5. two more down - well done Thalia
  6. yes and yes Thalia. Had cheese Kurd in my head for that second one above but you got the point. Nicely done.
  7. Hey T - that does work and is one I had in mind when first gathering common two word pairings with a peoples/nationality theme. Still have another answer in mind with a different Nordic and totally different type of canine (and a pun). When you get that one you'll see the flavor of these. Please don't give up. They really are not that obscure and I think once one falls...
  8. Hey Thalia - great to see you here still. Hope some of the other old regulars might also still stop by on occasion and that we might gin up some new interest, too. I have not been active here for some time but have always regularly checked in. Planning to change that lack of posting starting with this little silly one. These all have two word (possibly a couple of two syllable) answers that are (hopefully) "punny" and have a common theme of sorts perhaps apparent in the recurring similar subject of each and hinted at in the title. Am a little out of practice but think some of these are okay and might garner a chuckle or two. May reveal one a little later as an example if they still seem too elusive. Thanks for responding and giving me the opportunity to explain a little. Hope you'll look at them again.
  9. Picture of a Scandinavian A bohemian defender of the bar Patagonia costume jewelry A down under rocker Middle Eastern dairy product Fast track Andalusian mount Nordic canine A Byzantine with a twist A vehicle of the West Indies Viking law An attractive East African Arabian spousal reception Courtesy of an Asian Coins of an Eastern Bloc Republic
  10. I'm with dgreening - thought it was...
  11. Spoiler for a stab at ten bullets
  12. because, of course, they...
  13. Definitely vote for foe.
  14. been pondering this since posted but cant fit it all together. had been thinking similar to bonanova
  15. plainglazed


    And a Happy New Year to you as well, my good friend.
  16. hello plasmid - happy new year. as always, have really been enjoying this latest I'm not a. had a different thought with each stanza when first read.
  17. that's where i'm stuck, too. definitely not a coincidence imo. have been trying all sorts of letter and word length comparison matches with keywords, alphabet, text from the Secret Level, etc. the only thing I can think of special about twenty four is hours in a day. also seems maybe of possible importance because of the repeated mentions of time; especially the last three lines of the first poem. still think something's missing. still at it...
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