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  1. plainglazed

    What's shakin' Shakee -
  2. Am enjoying your riddle very much, M_l.
  3. Hey all - JustinTyme has the answer - nice assessment JT. Here's some quickie explanations- Thanks to all who played along. Sure was fun from this end.
  4. Hey again EDM - 'fraid not the above. thanks for the guesses. am still trying to come up with more for yours.
  5. Hey EDM - not those but good thoughts, both yes indeed DD, well done once again and thanks for the title recognition!
  6. Hey t_l - think you were closer to the first stanza with your first response. do see where you were coming from but dont be mad, maybe use some rose colored glasses instead (not a hint - just jawin').
  7. Hello there JustinTyme and welcome to the Den. Not what I had in mind but I really appreciate your logic. Very creative and spot on in regard to my style and these types in particular (save for that one little addition in the end; this one is still just A+B=AB). I especially like your answer to the first couplet. Thought I had covered all the bases there but your answer fits perfectly for that one. My bad. Cant wait to see what you come up with next. Most impressive first post. Hey Wilson-not those my friend.
  8. hey Cutsipye192 - dont think I've ever had the pleasure. thanks for responding to my riddle. I'm not really asking a question nor is question the answer to the riddle. am afraid neither are your answers in your second response. will say that "fact" is close to the first part. you need to break it down. one word answer for each of the first two couplets and the third couplet is meant to describe both the word made by combining the first two words as well as the structure I've just described. please come back and give it another shot. thanks again.
  9. Hey t_l - not that but think you're on track for the first part.
  10. When you're in my light Even then you should still see That the time has come To bask in all my glory So plain and simply put But funny with a twist If you choose to abstain Ironic, get my jist? Then put two and two together Now three plus three is six For this motley miscellany Add another to the mix
  11. OUCH! it pains me to even think it, but no.
  12. Sorry, the jig's still not up.
  13. plainglazed

    I read the problem as DeeGee did iniitially - to achieve a result of 6 using one zero and mathematical operations. The subtitle does make me wonder tho...
  14. plainglazed

    I agree with the magic man. His answer and what a fun challenge this one is. Deserves more than one twenty couple click thrus in my opinion hence the bump. Gonna post my methodology but strongly suggest giving it a go. Know KS usually doesnt post answers and in no way would I want to suggest he should or do anything that might otherwise distract him from posting more fabulous teasers so here goes (besides, I'm a little proud I actually got one) 11 MALTHU5 THOMA5 + 3600 ======= RRRRR00 M+1=R (A+T<18 and if A+T<10 then M=R) H+M+7= R or R+10 or R+20 if H+M+7=R then M+1=H+M+7 or H=-6 so no if H+M+7=R+20 then M+1=H+M-13 or H=12 so no if H+M+7=R+10 then M+1=H+M-3 or H=4 1 111 MALT4U5 T4OMA5 + 3600 ======= RRRRR00 Solve for R in the left most column of the equation and in the third column from the right and set them equal to one another: M,O,S,T are unique MO5T/23 is an integer M=(1,2,6,7,8) (M cannot equal 0 (condition of the OP),3(if M=3 then R=4 but H=4),4(H=4),5(S=5) or 9(the sum would have too many digits)) I used a spreadsheet and with the above restrictions, narrowed down MOST=(1058,1357,7153,7659,7958,8257) Limit the possibilities of MOST: 1 111 MALT4U5 T4OMA5 + 3600 ======= RRRRR00 A+T(+1 if L+4>9)=R+10 T+O+4= R or R+10 or R+20 if T+O+4=R then A+T-(10 or 9)=T+O+4 or A-(14 or 13)=O so no if T+O+4=R+20 and R>1 (since M+1=R) then T+O>17 or T=O=9 so no if T+O+4=R+10 then T+O+4=A+T(+1) or O+(3 or 4)=A so: (O,A)=(0,3)(2,6)(3,6)(3,7)(6,9) now: if O=6 then the fourth column of the equation yields T=R so no if O=3 then MOST=1357 (see STEP 3) and T=7 and plugging in O=3 and T=7 in the fourth column yields R=4 but H=4 so no if O=2 then MOST=8257 and M=8 R=9 so looking at the third column from the left L would have to equal 5 but S=5 so no. so O=0 and A=3 and MOST=1058 and ...plug and chug Am sure there are other methods and undoubtedly a more elegant solution but that's what I gotsk. Much fun KS! Solve the second column from the left and the fourth column simultaneously:
  15. Hey DD - nice device but you've divided too many times for this one. math plays only a very minor role and still dont think the title will lead you to the answer. the title's connection will hopefully, yeah, it should be recognizable in the end.
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