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  1. nope, not the format intended. (still half right, tho)
  2. hey ya big ape - half right - party on... Hey MrsP - Where'd ya go? sorry, not it. (thought I'd better keep it simple)
  3. I gather you know just what I mean And so you've heard, rewarding you glean An out of shape shape resolved to tame Sounds like the two are really the same The same in kind 'tis true for sure Arranged just so, like you've seen it before
  4. or EDIT: added second spoiler
  5. plainglazed

    Yeah, now I'm less confused...
  6. A Scottish greeting to you but no need to type any more. Since you are of course correct. I had alone for the second to last but like yours as well. Nicely done, Wilson.
  7. This is a stretch, but I think I'm on to something here. Somehow missed the answer. Sorry, I'm new at this. Hello mojobrain - I really like and appreciate your thought process and answer above. Makes a lot of sense to me but this one was more of a "play on words" than a straightforward "what am I". Hope you're not too disappointed with my answer. I agree, DD.
  8. Ok, now that one is out of my system, must go unload the truck. (this is much more fun) not the one but that is a likely "story of the poem" but really misdirection, sorry (he says ducking at the same time). Hope I didn't spoil the fun.
  9. Obviously, I'll have to keep thinking. that first spoiler may be relevent. not trying to be vague, just dont want to throw you off by saying too much.
  10. Hey there Wilson - excellent thoughts (both) but not the one. hey hey mojobrain, left us hanging. stretching may be a good thing on this one so please let us know what you gots. cheers.
  11. plainglazed

    I think what Simon says is right
  12. plainglazed

    Nice one elegir! EDIT: added spoiler just in case...
  13. I love the riddle, it's very poetic Hey there andromeda, am afraid my answer is not as poetic as your response. Thanks so much for the compliment. Please give it another go. Hey DD - neither, but do see where you're coming from. This one's, well, let's say I'm a little worried. Want to say more but maybe will try to give it a bit of time first.
  14. Quick answer - indeed. Though it does make for a better story the other way.
  15. I am one Who begs forgiveness without a sound Repeatedly yet with no hint of success An attempt to shun despite the emptiness To gather without celebrating body and blood And in foriegn territory when she is gone I'm all by myself without a single sole Then forsaking mankind is the answer to my prayers And I am one
  16. plainglazed

    Yep, stewdeker, nice. Really enjoyed this puzzle K S. Very simple in form and solution yet quite deceptively challenging getting there.
  17. plainglazed

    Well, now that I got the tears out of my eyes.
  18. plainglazed

    ahemm, meemeemee meee....Good morning to moooo, good morning to moooo, good morning MrsP, eee. Good morning to you. Ok, maybe not an ideal way to start your day but...gots guesses anyway. Oh, I got more. And half a pot of coffee yet.
  19. Have a couple of these pending. Just not so sure about them. Probably coming soon.... EDIT: ughhh - messed up the url tag in the poll. sorry DD.
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