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  1. 1. Otherwise sounding like one mom. (5) 5. Quiet one, short of agreeing, gently smells big ones within. (11) 2. Laugh tactic surrounds, so gathering one or all. (7) 3. Failing college attendant is legal after two grand. (7) 4. Confused us lefty. (3) 6. Marine salute about existing class in German city. (8) 7. No use coming back around, look for welcoming terra firma. (6) 8. Oh gee, stare at candy questionably devoured. (6) 9. Brief schooling almost fails. The cause of small world railings above thee in roll playing games is completely backwards. (10) For those new to these Play on Word "Quickies" - Each word or two (generally speaking) of the puzzle corresponds to a letter or two (generally speaking) "spelling" out the answer. Other descriptors can be thrown in refering to the relation of individual letters. The letters will "read" left to right as presented unless there is a descriptor that directs otherwise. For the most part, punctuation is not part of the answer but rather to make the clue "read" better. Other than that, the clues are hopefully very precise. There should be no unnecessary words in the clues or extra letters in the answers. It's best to read these very literally and/or phonetically. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of letters in the answer. All answers share a common theme which, when apparant, is the best singular clue, often enabling a guess at an answer and working backwards to "prove" the guess correct. Please show your work for full credit. Oh and before I forget, have fun! For example fwiw:
  2. plainglazed

    Hey Jkb - like that answer/been thinking along those lines -
  3. plainglazed

    Dont look, you'll be mad at yourself. Very clever, must admit it took me much longer than 7 seconds!
  4. love the answer, so hilarious. wish now I had started with that topic and just altered a few lines, so close but not quite. yeah, that's it, well done simmy8! tried to work that lint thing in as well but couldn't and still hide the answer.
  5. Hey Roy - thanks for starting this one, very good reasoning, but not it...this time. Hey DN - think there is still at least one yet to cover. Just did ours. Place looks so bare now. MCAHNY Wilson - did the same yesterday. not what I have in mind for this one tho.
  6. Coming or going, there was a time Twas all I was used to doing Then tied up and left to slowly die My presence now all are eschewing A constant reminder of where I've been Though scarred for life this is true In or out, it's finally decided There's nothing I now can do.
  7. plainglazed

    Hey MrsP - Happy New Year! - Will keep pondering...
  8. Hey Shakee - not getting anywhere yet but want to at least say that this one is intrigueing and will keep at it. can I ask if the spacing in the last two sequences is relevant? and no need to address this but am hung up on if the "sequences" are consistant from word to word (doubtful looking at how different the second to last one looks) and/or maybe more like cryptograms as one could justify just about any single missing element in say a sequence of four with three given like in the first above. think it must all come to light when the relationship between the "hint" and incomplete sequence is learned. back at it...
  9. plainglazed

    The above sound logical.
  10. plainglazed

    Thank you, a most excellent riddle! Looking forward to seeing more of you around the Den.
  11. plainglazed

    If you successfully decode the measage, it asks you tell about something which you can respond to without "spoiling" for others. (hope you dont mind Izzy, happened to be here)
  12. plainglazed

    Had to be on the road most of today and took a printout with me. Wished I could be here earlier. Lots of fun!
  13. Well that's a wrap. Always fun. Wilson - It appears your real disadvantage was the time zone difference and not your accent. I suspect you were clued in to the theme as both herbs and tsunami dont start with silent letters in your parts? I first realized this when you guessed thyme which both fit the clue better and would have solved the accent issue. If it wasnt for that pesky silent e I would have been tempted to switch my answer. All this said is not to take anything away from simmy8. I was really worried about those two. You bailed me out. Really inciteful. Hope you're hooked like the rest of us here.
  14. Right on, well done. And thanks for saving me. This one originally read "said" instead of "likely" to direct the phonetic clue but I switched it without fully realizing what I had done. Hastily thought it shouldn't say "said" and "hear" in the same line. There's still a little more to the final answer.
  15. nope, neither of those and you're veering a little off the theme you discovered. you may be able to work backwards. I confess, I made a last second edit to this one which I regret. Do think you can get this one though, especially after nailing #2 which I wasn't sure had enough info to figure.
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