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  1. Ok, this time I've really included the answers. Didnt mean for anyone interested to have to link back thru the thread. Sorry 'bout that.
  2. Yes indeed, nice one DD and many thanks!
  3. There is one little bit still left on 7. Pretty weak clue so I'll fill in the blanks when I post the solved feature if no one knocks it off soon.
  4. Excellent! That wraps this one up. Have had a blast, especially here in the end. Am now late to get home and go out but well worth it. Thanks all. Will get the solved feature and credits up when I get back in tonight. Caio for naio
  5. So you got that last letter and explanation? I know you do, but just for finalizing and a stall tactic on my part so I can get the credits together.... Right on t_l! Well done! (Highlighted one little bit above for clarity)
  6. Aside..Is it just me, or are there chunks of the Den missing? Hey Wilson - bolded what we have in common. EDIT: Yeah, we got that in common as well, am missing chunks, too.
  7. Hey t_l - long time no riddlin'. Great to see you and great stuff above. Had been thinking I had gone way too obscure. You saved me on this one! Right on the money but have left out one letter which I think will correct the spelling/number of letters and complete the last clue.
  8. Now you're talkin', keep it up. All's right above.
  9. Hey DD - are your BrainDen pages screwy today or is it my machine. Did an update last night and dont know if it's me or the site.

  10. Hey DD - so glad to hear you're still working these. "landing strip" is not how I intended to get those two letters from that "welcoming terra firma" clue. Talk to me, man...
  11. plainglazed

    Yes, but how did the stranger get in the car? He (the man) had made sure nobody was in the (locked with windows up) car when he set out to get help. I'm still confused.
  12. plainglazed

    Hey MrsP - Have been studying this one too long without a guess.
  13. Hey Hey DD - happy Friday night to ya. the above is not the one I had in mind. have bolded the part I intended. Wilson was onto something with this one. as for that welcoming terra firma bit, may be weak on my part, not yours. perhaps think of why that particular phrase or what it might connote, combined with what the answer might be? Thanks for keeping at it.
  14. Right on, DD. Nailed another. Well done. Hey simmy8 - that works, nicely done. Down to three and I must say, the trickiest or maybe just the most poorly composed. Thanks for keeping this one alive you two.
  15. Hey Wilson - sorry I missed you just now. had to leave my machine and forgot to sign out. no gate crasher at all, and you're on the right track. Bolded in blue above what's correct. Thanks for resurrecting and welcome back. And there is no way I could include every current regular Denizen here. Certainly not my intention to limit the guessing. Did this once before and there were lots of partials before the theme was discovered so no one felt obliged to only guess at theirs? Maybe? Anyway, any and all, please have at it.
  16. plainglazed

    EDIT: Attempted to fix censored bit. (how is a molehill atit anyway?)
  17. Hey Shakee - maybe this one's a little better
  18. plainglazed

    hey Wood - good to see you
  19. plainglazed

    Rats, was just going to make a (wrong) guess. I agree with MrsP - most excellent Roy.
  20. Yes indeed DD, well done (added one little bit above) No monkey business there. Well done. Nailed it. Cool Plainglazed What are the odds indeed. Was quite excited when I read your first response. Good stuff above! Thanks for all your encouragement. There may be some above that will need more group effort or answers that may not "be activated". Please feel free to answer any others if you see fit/whenever you like. Or not. Thanks again.
  21. Hey Framm 18 - those are quite good thougths for this one. Your first two are correct (bolded above) and I suspect your understanding of after is correct as well. You should get this one! Thanks for starting it out. Have to go out for a few hours but will check in then.
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