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  1. Hey dD - 'fraid none of those. been a long time... so even though it looks like you know, gonna take this opportunity to state the format: couplet one + couplet two = couplet three. please keep floatin' those thoughts. neither, EDM. come back soon. How d'ya like dem onions? Fingers crossed they're to your taste. ah yes, delicious. you've brought a tear to my eye. *sniff sniff* regrettably, no.
  2. Sorry sim - not really along the lines of those.
  3. nope, sorry! (for the delay as I've been staring at yours)
  4. not that. reread the first couplet and will say the word "said" does not indicate a phonetic representation (this time). seems only fair I mention this as last time I made such a big deal out of leaving it out.
  5. You really got my head spinning with this one t_l
  6. plainglazed

    Back again, hope you havent given up on us...
  7. Hi to you. Not weird at all. Really like the reasoning. Have something different in mind though. Please keep at it. Hey SR - 'fraid your right and skipped a beat with that last stanza. please take another stab. hey hey sim - not that. Okay, cant resist
  8. Hope the next guesser does better for you.. hello my good man - no need for self-deprecation. your responses are always well thought out but this time, for a change, just not the answer. More and more I'm liking this one and the seeming contradictions. Am confident you'll find this one fair and sensical when solved. Feel I should be patient with regards to hints. Will say I dont think the title will help that much in solving but should make sense in the end. hello TwoaDay - I reread the riddle with your answer in mind and definitely see where you're coming from, on several fronts, but not the answer I have in mind.
  9. plainglazed

    Ok, delving a little deeper... and could there be more?
  10. plainglazed

    Hey Jkb - havent given up on this one. will keep at it.
  11. plainglazed

    I for one found this puzzle very interesting.
  12. It's said of me, as a matter of fact Any number of things, but not an act To find where I am, you must learn To settle down, or up I will turn So grant me one more, set apart from the rest Get it together, then split up on request
  13. Yes indeed, that's totally correct MrsP. And you're also right, am stuck on these joint riddles. Well done.
  14. You are both definitely picking up on parts of the riddle. Please keep a goin'.
  15. Guilty as charged though I may be I beg your pardon, can't you see What was that little rats advice That put me in this prison twice Was totally what they wanted to hear And not the only way things appear
  16. Joyeux anniversaire, EDM!

  17. Yes indeed, that's it. Good stuff, DD! EDIT: once again screwed up the link and on your answer. strictly coincidence I hope goes without saying. guess the parentheses are a no-go.
  18. hey Tonybz - not what I have in mind. Yeah, dunno. MrsP, a pleasure. My turn to just say, "nope, sorry" for a different reason. hey DD - also not right but not all wrong either.
  19. plainglazed

    Hey Jonn - Had been trying to think of topics that could go serious or silly or both. The uniqueness qualification had me thinking that funnier might be easier but these could go either way - how to ease the hassle of airport security - or - how to identify an in flight security marshall - or - what onboard reading material makes for the best jet lag cure - or - how to dismantle the bathroom smoke detector - or - Okay, really, maybe anything to do with jet lag or security maybe with a unsuspecting twist. Seem to be two common travel nags these days with lots of opportunity for your topic. Good luck -pg
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