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  1. I used to play mafia a lot on here but then life went to s*** for about 10 years. Decided to dome back and see about joining a game but i seems pretty dead here now. Did mafia move to a different forum? I tried Mafia maniac (MM) but that seems to be gone. What happened?
  2. Thank you for the updated list flame!
  3. I'm still game But I will be out of town for the next few days.
  4. It happned cuse i messed up
  5. It was down to the very end, a dual, Oogie Boogie vs. Sally. Oogie had his bugs, Sally her string. Sick of circling they ran at each other. Sally's string was no match for all the bugs, she was overwhelmed. Baddie win! Oogie = Bonanova Jack = Phil Sally = Flamebirde Mayor = BMAD Sandy Claws = plasmid Zero = Framm 18 Lock, Shock, and Barrel = Kikacat123
  6. Just a heads up ghost post don't tent to be allowed, and they are really not a allowed when information is in them. Edit: Normal operation porcerure at this point would be to have this post removed but sence we are so close to the end of the game the time taken to remove it simply would not be worth it.
  7. Kika never having been good with directions got lost on her way home tonight. Unfortunately for her she ran into a big old swarm of bugs. 1. FlameBirde 4. Bonanova day ends whenever both of you "vote"
  8. Hey sorry people post wont come till late tonight. Some stuff came up that i had to take care of.
  9. Tonight it was Plasmid with the noose around his neck. As the trap door fell everyone hear the clang of sleigh bells. 1. Flamebirde 4. bonanova 5. Kikacat123 2. BMAD - lynched as mayor 3. phil1882 - killed N1 6. Plasmid - lynched as Sandy Claws 7. Framm - lynched as Zero
  10. Well plas i was just waiting on you to vote so I will close the night tonight as planed.
  11. so sence we apper to be lacking actiity I will extend the day for 24 hours. I will not be here to post right wen it ends so you will get a post the next morning.
  12. You are correct in your assumption
  13. It will end in a tie game if one of them has not meet their wincon
  14. After the excitement of the day befor Bonanova fell asleep on a bench in the courtyard not managing to make it home tonight. Flame and Sandy Claws started to talk shop about his sled. Kika did not have good luck tonight the trio managed to get her stuck in a pit trap. 1. Flamebirde 4. bonanova 5. Kikacat123 - Kidnapped 6. plasmid 2. BMAD - lynched as mayor 3. phil1882 - killed N1 7. Framm - lynched as Zero Day ends at 10 pm tomorrow
  15. Once again they all gathered around the noose this time it was Framm who had his head in it. The door opened and he fell, the sudden jarring motion caused a bone to fall out of his pocket. 1. Flamebirde 4. bonanova 5. Kikacat123 6. plasmid 2. BMAD - lynched as mayor 3. phil1882 - killed N1 7. Framm - lynched as Zero Night ends at 10 pm tomorrow or when i have in all actions.
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