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  1. Right you are sir, as to the 2nd part. hello there. definitely see how the two parts together and the "story" of the riddle could lead to that but was hunting something different. Well, t_l, you're absolutely correct. Thanks and thanks especially for figuring out part 1. Was worried that one was a little too obscure. Even had a rewrite in the wings using "stalemate" and certain fate that was probably a better clue but didnt quite fit in as good with the "storyline".
  2. Hey back there. not ridiculous, just not it. gimme some. oh, but I cant give you credit for the answer back, sorry. hey hey Wilson, not that but have always been curious to try. any good? do love pears. right on t_l, and indeed, that solves Part 1 as you put it. Quite the flurry. Am sorry I missed it - workkkkk, ughhhhh.
  3. Hey DD - thanks for chiming in even though you're making me thirsty and the sun's hardly over the yardarm here. 'fraid not that.
  4. other direction but i only like the real stuff... you and t_l are each at opposite ends of the same track Hey EDM - reread and sure do see where you get the above but that's not the answer. think you are picking up on part of "part of" my intended answer though. thanks for the response.
  5. I'm with you and was not referring to you or myself when I referred to "each" above.
  6. Yeah, was't working off of your theme before but what I suspect was the same as DD's i.e. Paul Newman films. Will keep pondering...
  7. and no more rhyming at the end of these things... it just makes things confusing.. not what I had in mind but may you have picked up on a bit of the structure.
  8. plainglazed

    Too long without a guess. Had several a brewin' then you had to go and throw that hint in there...
  9. Hello and how do Chrispen - thanks so much for starting this one off. now it's me who has to interpret your response. get the having fun part, so glad since of course it's while we're all here. not as serious as life or death and if the beginning of your rhyme is also part of your guess, am afraid that's not it either. thanks again, please keep at it. but, but, but I have to ask, what the... no, actually, think you are onto something. care to elaborate? promise I'm not just putting you on the spot.
  10. Keep cave! perhaps whilst still less pure If you have to or possibly even for sure Because it's never fun to miss you thus I hanker to end this dull constant fuss But when together at last the two do kiss Made up with 'tis certain, painfullness this
  11. plainglazed

    Hey MrsP - happy Friday to ya
  12. Working off of your hints... or
  13. Thanks for the great fun Shakee!
  14. Combinatorics are fun. Am including the following link for anyone like me a couple of days ago who'd like to know more about the math in the spoiler above. Thank you wiki.
  15. hey preflop - fun stuff!
  16. plainglazed

    If I understand the OPs question and your response, the answer would be x as defined above. So simply posed, what is your x?
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