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  1. yes, indeedy DD, that is it. Thanks to all who played along.
  2. My latest turned out fabulously. Devil's food cake with raspberries, choc chips, & hazelnut liqueur. Suppose I'll have to see if everyone's still guessing in a week. (Yea vacation!!) hey t_l - my aplologies for missing this one. sounds delicious. still not it. hope you're having a blast. hey chicory - not that
  3. plainglazed

    Man badudi, good to see you back. you got me going in all kinds of crazy directions with this one. such fun.
  4. none of those chic and t_l
  5. ah DD - the "you" is indeed the subject/target/answer throughout. as for the wordplay... no comment.
  6. hey J~M - nice answer! but not my intended.
  7. hey simmy8 - yeah, I know what you mean. not it but a very good fit in a lot of respects.
  8. plainglazed

    Never came up with anything strong enough for a response but did enjoy. Another masterful riddle master300! PS nice solve ps2323
  9. hey ther BlueFlameFis - usually abbreviate names but that would make you BFF and we're just meeting here for the first time. really like that answer. fits quite well. especially like how you worked the clues in the second line. still hopeful you'll agree in the end with my answer. hey slyalys - another really well thought out response but gonna have to say not it. please take another spin. thanks
  10. plainglazed

    Hey Shakee - have been giving this one much thought for some time and need to get this guess out so I can move on Will keep at it.
  11. not that chicory but good guess well, that's not it but will say when composing this one I had considered making it a "dancer" type riddle where each and every line describes two different answers. I recommend checking her's out. Decided to go with the other answer and intentionally leave in some the clues to yours (like the place and show but took out the win). Almost like plasmid's "I'm not a" types. Definitely check his out, too. fraid not but understand and appreciate where you're coming from. thanks for coming back. sorry t_l, nothing ducky above.
  12. hey Ringer - at first no bells rung so guess it's not that. looked it up tho and it brought back fond memories and sense to your response. especially that "fall off track" bit. never had the discipline to slow down for the hairpins, myself. hey chic - your answer does indeed make some sense of the last line and much of the rest but there's still some chicanery there (not a hint just still thinking about Ringer's) and elsewhere yet to be parsed. EDIT: fixed spelling error 'cause I'm just wired that way.
  13. hey chicory - a great guess and fit but not it. felt you were at a disadvantage with my last one as you haven't been around lately. have done several with the same format. this one's much more like you're used to from me. hey Framm - not that. nor those, sorry. well hello there Arronax - welcome to the Den. fine logic but not what I have in mind for this one. please give it another go. thanks
  14. Thanks, and another good solve by you. Spot on!
  15. My sister & sister-in-law are luckily very patient people ... when I don't remind them that I haven't finished theirs yet. see where you're coming from. especially like how your answer fits with the last line. a very intelligent response but not the purl I'm after.
  16. Around and round you go Against the grain you race Before you fall off track All are in their place Yet uncertainty presides Careering to and fro Alternately albeit en route Still in the end you show
  17. Welcome to your third decade. Have fun!

  18. hey chicory - good to see you. been awhile. that's not it but it does make a lot of sense. please dont be bitter... hey t_l - 'fraid you haven't quacked it yet with the above. please keep at it.
  19. Running around in circles Not finishing whence you start Making the right connections Depends on how far they're apart And yet here all are packed so close There's even a line at the door With excitement this place does teem Dancing to reveal and allure So finally they come together United on common ground I gather for the record This whole affair could become unbound
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