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  1. plainglazed

    btw - welcome to the den. am enjoying your contributions.
  2. Hey all - would someone please clarify the date and time of the next deadline for entries as well as the number range. Thanks ps - didnt expect to be the only one who picked 2 - what up?
  3. entrants allowed entrance - my perceived off disregard for human life appalling little words big humongous sweet sweeter sweater
  4. Yeah, knew it did not fit in your extended theme but fit so well otherwise, had to give it a shot
  5. These pass on thru - disregard for human life appalling little words big humongous sweet sweeter sweater
  6. Just checking in briefly before I head home for the weekend! Have my sister and nephew in town tonight so will be in and out at best until late night. These make it thru - little words big humongous sweet sweeter sweater - and we're off...
  7. Hey Glycereine - not sure that my guess truly covers your rule but cant think of any examples. Gray might be a little grey either way... gotta rule in mind -
  8. plainglazed

    was still too hasty, that pesky groundhog could have started in hole #4 in my above attempt and eluded me much like the answer has.
  9. plainglazed

    think I may have been a little hasty. rethinking...
  10. well, reread your OP again and am wrong yet again. what I was thinking would require a set of parentheses as well, 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!...^(9!!!!!!!!!...). was then expanding that concept to be kinda like Harvey45's entry subbing 9!!!!!!!! for his 99999999!s. so you would loose four !s for each exponent. hmmmm...
  11. Host: Peace 1. Framm 2. kody 3. misskitten 4. starfreak 5. harvey45 6. phillip1882 7. Glycereine 8. actressgirl 9. Abhisk 10. plainglazed I'm game. peace, will you reveal the numbers submitted after each round?
  12. yeah, me too, except didn't even realize the mistake until dawh pointed it out above. you're right about my extra unneeded parens as well. D'oh! does seem unreality's is greatest but as to largest possible, would think you could substitute one ^9 for a !! somewhere and get a greater number yet. As to where within the 100 digits is an interesting problem. and if one exponent makes it bigger, would another ^9 and a set of parens be greater yet? and then... yikes, big numbers, small tired brain. has been fun to think about...
  13. well I obviously thought I was onto something and now I'm obviously wrong.
  14. hymn only herb laxative psychological warfare tsunami
  15. plainglazed

    Mostly just wanted to say hi, lo.
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