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  1. You're in the right body of water, I think. As far as I'm aware, what I have in mind is considered different. Sorry, none of these.
  2. Yup! Correct to the 1st, keep beating on the 2nd. Hmm, I guess if you stretch a bit on each ... but I like the other answer better! Remaining: 6, 11, 12
  3. Alas, now the swine must all wear SLINGS thanks to the LINKS of the chains holding the swings.
  4. Short shrift, perhaps. Sorry. Ok, fine! edit just got another & yup, there you go ... No need to keep fishing for clues. I am sure you are. It fits the title. Also correct - though I think it does, a la PG & fabby. That leaves 3,4,5,6, & 11,12.
  5. 1. My one & only. (Yet you step on me) 2. Fail to muddle through. (Turnover) 3. Pay your way. (Or stick it) 4. Don't play that hot-shot. (Practices at the bar) 5. Doesn't happen often. (Pitch it way down) 6. Executive vs party. (Bangin) 7. Got a whiff of that! (Remove impurities) 8. Sit on the edge. (Mom rules it.) 9. Dangerous when preceded by letters. (Sci-Fi weapon) 10.Quit your bellyaching! (Old horse) 11.Spice up my ... neck? 12.Turn keys to shear off
  6. Give thanks to the Lord who loves us. Be kind to the Earth that sustains us. Good Fri-Earth-Day.

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      what's up i can not belive that u are 29 and talking to a 18 that's cool and i am new on here its been my 1 week on these website and i will add u has my friend ok bye write back and i am 17 years old peace out

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      if u don't get what i amsaid i mean these is my first week got me now

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      and u join april 17 my birthday is april 17 1993

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  7. Ok then. The LOON then tried to placate her by saying, "But I found it on BING!"
  8. tiger_lily111

    I always think you've gotta be fab, fabby! How could you not be, with such a spectacular name & avatar? I always notice when people say "nuke-ular" instead of "nuclear". Thanks to the Simpsons, there are a *lot* of people who think that's the correct pronunciation. (My DH is one. GWBush is another. I don't like the association ...)
  9. Too much SLINKING around where he doesn't belong.
  10. Or the bad hairdo - Why is he SLICKING his hair back like that?
  11. tiger_lily111

    No. You can't classify fruits, nuts, & flakes as animals even with the governator's accent. & besides, it's properly spelled Ka-lif-for-ni-an.
  12. There's no accounting for taste. PICKING out his own clothes ends in fashion disaster.
  13. He should remember to be KIND to the DICKS or they might lock him up. (... It means detectives, boys & girls, look it up! Otherwise there would be no need to be kind. )
  14. (repairing the damage & ignoring the dirty minds ) Why put a LOCK on the BIN holding your iPod dock & hairy socks? Seems silly to me.
  15. You'd look pretty silly in that WIG with that FROCK.
  16. (Sorry, meant further down the page on the dictionary reference.)
  17. Hope you are able to rattle around the Den more often. Happy Birthday!

  18. I'll be honest - it'll depend on the book(s). Maybe it would be better to get a list of books for the year & do one book every 2 weeks or every month - that way everyone knows in advance which is happening when, & they can participate if they want. Also gives people plenty of time to *find* the books.
  19. You could get a crick when walking the DOG with a BRICK in your pack. (& Aa, look further down the page! )
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