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  1. tiger_lily111

    Do You YouTube?

    Many of the Minute Physics are entertaining, but this one *is* especially fabulous. Schrödinger's Cat
  2. A, I don't believe you. D, interesting as always. I'm sure I'll try again later assuming I haven't been body-snatched.
  3. When you bring home food (leftovers, take out, groceries), LICK IT ALL before putting it away. Leave a bit of leftover food (something with a bit of meat or milk, low in acid, moist) in an open container in a prominent place. Tell your roommate it's part of an important class assignment and s/he ABSOLUTELY CANNOT throw it away. (Live with the smell.) When it gets so bad that it "mysteriously" disappears, hold a wake. Keep a "Progress" calendar that you check off each day you didn't seriously injure, maim, or kill someone. Be sure to leave some days unmarked. Remove their shoelaces. If possible, while they're still wearing the shoes.
  4. Got no kitchen. Do have ugly a-- 1960's linoleum to get rid of. New floor & appliances arriving soon, which will sit in the garage with the rest of the new kitchen.

  5. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Thanks for the "encouragement" folks! (Free labor has arrived in the form of my FIL, hurray!) Next start phrase is - ... I remember ...
  6. Wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Hope to *see* you again soon in the Den! =)

  7. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    After trying the nice, try-to-keep-cabinets-intact way, we got out the mallets and started real demo on the wall & ceiling cabinets. End result: The drywall won't require major repairs, no fires, no major injuries (nails to the shoulder don't count, right?), only one minor case of electrocution (turns out the vent hood wasn't on the same circuit), and a few splinters and split skin instances. My only real thought when it was done? It was a lot better than I expected ... Now what's going to go wrong on the rest of the remodel - because I live by Murphy's Law.
  8. Hope you have a splendiforously Happy Birthday! =)

  9. The kitchen demolition has begun. I'm paying my demo gnomes in steak & alcohol. :D

    1. plainglazed


      have sledge hammer, will travel.

    2. tiger_lily111


      Let me know when you'll arrive on my doorstep. ;) Happy Friday!

  10. Holy crap that never happens! A good & enjoyable riddle as always plasmid!
  11. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    If only you were a drum, sticklers for ... well anything, really - could happily beat, thwack, or whack you. Legitimately.
  12. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Shallow thoughts: I'm the reason the rum is always gone. It wasn't a design flaw but a physics fail. To amuse me is your purpose in life. Non sequiturs do not follow, logically. Two wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do. It might've happened differently, but it didn't. I should go to bed. Nah.
  13. tiger_lily111

    Welcome to the Den!
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