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  1. There is a little purposeful double possibility, which is why HS's fits almost perfectly ... but keep trying fabby! (& it's good to be back ) Both good answers, & in keeping with the theme, but still not quite it.
  2. I think it fits a little better than your 1st, but still not quite. but that could just be the bottom desk drawer sneaking into my head at 4:30 pm Friday. Sorry PG, try again after happy hour.
  3. A good answer, but doesn't quite fit everything.
  4. I add depth to fine beverages Many foods I help to keep Tradition, having plenty Delicious bounty do you reap From fruit & forest do I come Cold & hot to do the job Lock where I live & work Or be sad when you are robbed
  5. tiger_lily111

    When life give me lemons, I exchange them for a quarter of frozen beef. True story. (It helps that I have a lemon tree & my parents are beef farmers.)
  6. (From WAY down the pages, sorry to disappear everyone - life happened for a while.)
  7. isn't dead. Just so ya know.

  8. My neighbor sits on his porch, RUBS his dog's head, & waits for his BUD to come over for Fri night poker.
  9. tiger_lily111

    Love is its own kind of drug - mainly endorphins. So you can literally go through physical & emotional withdrawal. Finding other (legal, safe) ways to boost your endorphin levels can help a lot. (What do YOU like to do, that doesn't involve being with him? Meditate, read, sports, window shopping, music, write, movies, clubs, etc.) Positive reinforcement helps emotionally & mentally. I know I didn't want to hear this as a teenager, but - talk to your mom/female adult parental-type figure. They need to know you hurt so they can help support you. And give it time.
  10. tiger_lily111

    Because the comic is funny.
  11. tiger_lily111

    sudoku, find anagrams for things, crossword puzzles, read (actually pay attention?)
  12. Um, no, sorry. None of them involve the word "fish" in their answers. (It was too annoying to work with.)
  13. Quote for now: You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

  14. ^ *points up* ^ Hey, you just used sound! (post 942) Try again!
  15. His eyes big and ROUND, he decided the LACK of visual stimuli was a decidedly bad idea.
  16. tiger_lily111

    Doctor? I don't know much about DMSO, but to my understanding it's harmless in low quantities. (and is found in low amounts in a great number of things) But because it can dissolve so many chemical compounds, it can be dangerous by getting contaminated with almost anything - ie, you could easily use it to poison someone. I don't care enough to look up the FDA trials, but I would guess that would be a reason to proceed with caution.
  17. As to the riddle 'style', am I correct in... Sorry, no to #6. Try 1980's.
  18. Nope. The difference would be in the riddle 'style' ... more or less. Sorry Wb, neither of those. But welcome to the Den!
  19. Happy Birthday! Hope it's fabulous! =)

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