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  1. That certainly is the main portion of the answer, but not all of it.
  2. Neither applies. It is definitely food-based, with a slight hint in the title as well for specificity.
  3. Hi Laurh, & welcome! Interesting riddle. Here are some musings - Makes me think of Another guess, in a completely different direction
  4. Hiya peace! Good to "see" you still around. Hope all is well! You're onto the right general idea after your initial thoughts, but this guess is boiled. (& hopefully picked & dipped in butter.)
  5. Answer! This little riddle was inspired from a news article about finding the story.
  6. I'll bump this in case there is interest. (& sincere apologies, I didn't realize I had an open riddle remaining.) Not one of my better offerings, so also a bit of a re-write: I'm neither ugly nor watched by children But fall afoul of my salty attitude and enjoy my crusty skin Though I could sound a bit crazy, I'm not a fraud Especially while moving Get off my lawn, it's dinnertime Hope to check in on the Den now and again.
  7. tiger_lily111

    One Up Me

    Y-san's math skills have her up next.
  8. There's mine, there's yours, but neither is the answer.
  9. On a regular basis, but not what I'm looking for here. ---- dD, that goes for you too.
  10. tiger_lily111

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    ... a 2 for 1 deal ...
  11. None of the above, sorry. LJ! How the heck've you been? Long time no see around here.
  12. tiger_lily111

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    rookie for BD, LiD for smileys, Y-san for enigmas, PG for donuts, plasmid for letting us know who he's not, slick for rollin', & fabby for ... well, being fabulous, obviously.
  13. β€œIt is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” ― Philip K. Dick, VALIS ... Or to go to grad school because that's pretty much the same thing. Purdue Food Science PhD program on a USDA National Needs fellowship for Foods & Health, starting in the fall. Yikes!

    1. plainglazed


      congrats t_l! i think. will that take you back to IN?

    2. tiger_lily111


      It will, which, given the current weather, lends more credence to the insanity plea I'll surely be making in court one day.

  14. tiger_lily111

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    You can get into politics if you act like you're smart. You can't stay in politics, however, if you're actually smart. You'll be found out & replaced.
  15. I'm neither ugly nor watched by fools But my salty attitude could get under your skin & I could sound a bit crazy Especially while moving Get off my lawn
  16. tiger_lily111

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    You know you're a grammar Nazi when you're me. Simply bow to the inevitable and declare me Fuhrer.
  17. An interesting thought, & yet I would also posit that most people are not the exact same person they were even 1 year ago. (No, I have no evidence or citations.) Some may consider themselves a different person from yesterday, though that may not happen every day. However, the same person as began reading your question? Yes, I would consider myself the same, as my following thoughts are things I have considered before. I think it has less to do with cell regeneration/replacement as with experience. There is some evidence of "cell memory" (especially, examples with some people who've had organ transplants & exhibit different personality traits post-op), & this may hold true, but most people don't have that situation to deal with. Life, living, & personal growth happen with time & experience, & those can change a person slowly or rapidly depending on the person & their particular understanding they gain through their experiences. Likely also, the way in which they can interpret those experiences. I think there are both genetic/physical brain structure & experiential components that make up a person, especially their personality & mental state. So if a personality were imprinted upon a "wiped" or "blank" brain with a different genetic or physical signature, there would be differences, though they may not be immediate or immediately noticeable. The more interesting question to me is, If my brain could be removed & fully re-engaged without damage or loss into some sort of host, would "I" still remain? Would there be a host in which I could continue to function as myself, continue to learn, experience, & grow? Or would there be a lack of "soul" or some essential part of the body/brain/personality mash-up that would render the brain simply an AI processor to an automaton?
  18. Welcome to the Den Adrian! Hope you enjoy your time here. Like Slick said, if you can be more specific in what you're looking for, we can be more helpful. We're very helpful people around here.
  19. I'll play games occasionally, but I am *really* not good at strategy. (Thinking ahead? No.) The DH, however, has a regular Friday game night while I go have margaritas. (Everyone's happy!) Here are a couple I noticed were missing that the boys all enjoy - Agricola Galaxy Trucker Arkham Horror or Mansions of Madness ... they like one & the other eh, unfortunately I don't remember which is which Tikal Some quick games - Bang! Guillotine San Juan (quick & easy Puerto Rico) Balloon Cup (2 player)
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