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    Out of the frying pan and on to the floor. Back into the frying pan, let hope none of the guests saw.
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    Whoa!! Potential bacon in earshot!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. If anybody could draw some quality vector graphics symbolizing BrainDen (eg. including taser) then I will consider putting it on 404 page
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    Agreed. One up this if you are a veteran of the great Brainden Blackout!
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    out of the frying pan and-------onto the automatic waterfall glazing machine!
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    Pandas would never run in the first place.
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    I don't know what I'll find at the end of this. Oh look, it was period. Now I don't know what I'll find at the end of this-apparently a dash. Huh. Now to try & get tricky ... What will I find at the end of this? (Drat, should've seen that one coming.)
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    Turn about is about to turn.
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    You can shoot the gun, but...add the bullets, first... ...noobs...
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    Welcome! If you haven't run screaming yet, you should do well here. If you did run screaming, come back, you're safe, honest! Take a look around, try out riddles & logic puzzles & games, & generally have a good time. Hope to "see" you around!
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    Life is a journey through my ex(is)tensive years. Of gaining wisdom: I have finally come to realize the answer to everything, eloquently stated as follows - It is what it is, & it ain't what it ain't, 'cept when it is what it ain't, & that's that. (& also 42)
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    When I check BrainDen, I jump for joy because IT'S FINALLY BACK UP AND I NOW HAVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!
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    WAYS TO DISTURB, SCARE, AND ANNOY A ROOMMATE - Pee in a jar and tell your roommate that its for a science project and put it beside your bed.When your roommate goes to sleep replace the jar with another one filled with apple juice. When your roommate wakes up, unknowingly drink the apple juice. - Make a chalk outline of yourself on the floor and when your roomate enters the room, reassure him/her and tell him/her that its nothing. When s/he talks about it again, change the subject. - Get an imaginary cat and some coffee beans and before your roommate walks in the room, put the coffee beans in a cluster on the floor. When your roommate walks in, scream at the imaginary cat and tell him to learn how touse the litterbox. - When your roommate calls you, breath deeply into the phone for 10 seconds and hang up. POST MORE IF YOU WANT TO!!!!!!
  14. 5 points
    Last week, Japanese scientists determined that this week, they would be determining what they did last week.
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    Out of the frying pan...came the best looking bit of coal I ever did see...it's quite odd, though...to think it had started out as a piece of chicken...
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    if what you dont know wont kill you and what wont kill you makes you stronger, then what you dont know must make you stronger.
  17. 5 points
    What you don't know will ALWAYS be in the test.
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    A kid dressed as a pirate goes to a house, and the woman at the house says, "Well are you a cute pirate. But where are your buckineers.? The kid replies, "In my buckin' hat."
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    Ah, bless you for yer honesty, LI . Guess it's my turn now to apologise to everyone else . Sorry everybody!
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    when brainden came back online, I had to be rushed to hospital because of the excitement.
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    When I checked my tires, there was no air in my spare - time I did something about that ... Oops, too late, DH ran over something. New tires it is. (This happened 2 weeks ago.)
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    Keep asking weird/stupid questions. (Why are your eyes brown? Why is a banana yellow? What color is an orange? How does my shoe smell *hold shoe to their nose* ? What's the difference between god and the devil? Why are you putting rope around your neck?)
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    Through my extensive years of gaining wisdom, I have finally come to realize that you should never tie both shoes together and try to walk.
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    But when she does get it back. . . We still love you MiKi!
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    Standing, Talking, Mafia-ing, Laughing Or Asking.