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"I give testimony that I, along with my two older brothers, were walking along at twilight, and came across a river. As we were skilled in the magic arts, we conjured a bridge to cross the river; and it is

where I met Death, who congratulated me and my brothers and offered us a prize. My first brother took a wand of Elder, my second brother took the stone of resurrection, and I, knowing that Death was angry and wanted to take our souls (just like he took the others who drowned in the river before us), requested a gift that would enable me to hide from Death; at this, Death reluctantly gave me his Cloak of Invisibility. And that is how the 3 of us met Death on a lonely path and acquired what is known today as the Deathly Hallows. I declare that this testimony is true, and I swear on JK Rowling that I have spoken no falsehood..."

-The 'Ghost' of Ignotus Peverell


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I heard the announcer shout excitedly as the ball cracked off the bat. "Going, going, gone!" he cried. My face and and the 12 stitches embedded in it beg to differ about that last part.

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