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  1. i agree to the anza and kop. Tha answer can't be 1/3 because the concept is that if you divide the case in 3 possibilities and all cases have equal possibilities, only then one of the case has the prob = r/y. Hence in this case prob. Of cutting in middle is not as same as cutting less than or more than half, so 1/3 doesnt work.
  2. Trucks in the desert...

  3. Herman's Happy Birthday

  4. Deadly Triangle

  5. Herman's Happy Birthday

  6. Herman's Happy Birthday

  7. The Nation of Zox

  8. Kissing Circles

  9. Train then Car

  10. Friday the 13th

  11. Winoc Sells

  12. Winoc Sells

  13. Paper Scissors Rock

  14. Whether to produce desks, tables, or chairs

    don't know how to solve 3 variable inequalities but
  15. SteelCo

    is this right?
  16. Falsely accused correctly

  17. The Mathematical Milkman

  18. A couples party

  19. Random Number Generation

    oh yeah i forgot expected value can be a fractions. Your eatimation is right, i rounded it off without thinking.
  20. Who is who?

  21. What is 50 factorial?

  22. Slicing a pizza a whole different way

    any explanation please
  23. Who is who?

  24. Random Number Generation

    with this above hint/spoiler