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  1. i agree to the anza and kop. Tha answer can't be 1/3 because the concept is that if you divide the case in 3 possibilities and all cases have equal possibilities, only then one of the case has the prob = r/y. Hence in this case prob. Of cutting in middle is not as same as cutting less than or more than half, so 1/3 doesnt work.
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    Trucks in the desert...

  3. dark_magician_92

    Herman's Happy Birthday

  4. dark_magician_92

    Deadly Triangle

  5. dark_magician_92

    Herman's Happy Birthday

  6. dark_magician_92

    Herman's Happy Birthday

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    The Nation of Zox

  8. dark_magician_92

    Kissing Circles

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    Train then Car

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    Friday the 13th

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    Winoc Sells

  12. dark_magician_92

    Winoc Sells

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    Paper Scissors Rock

  14. dark_magician_92

    Whether to produce desks, tables, or chairs

    don't know how to solve 3 variable inequalities but
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    is this right?
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    Falsely accused correctly

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    The Mathematical Milkman

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    A couples party

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    Random Number Generation

    oh yeah i forgot expected value can be a fractions. Your eatimation is right, i rounded it off without thinking.
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    Who is who?

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    What is 50 factorial?

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    Slicing a pizza a whole different way

    any explanation please
  23. dark_magician_92

    Who is who?

  24. dark_magician_92

    Random Number Generation

    with this above hint/spoiler