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  1. Hmm... there's also the possibility that mo is lying about being blocked, which could mean that someone else is the indy and got blocked last night. But I think that's pretty unlikely, and that's definitely not how I read the situation. Besides, I feel like someone else would have spoken up by now... Not really sure where to go from here though...
  2. Hmm, while two of our number communicate in gestures and whispers, I do not believe I've quite been left out in the cold - I think I'll following! Let's roll with this for now: Roster: 1. maurice - voting for Bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae - voting for Flamebirde 4. Panther - voting for Bonanova 5. MiKi - voting for Bonanova 7. bonanova 6. Hirkala - Killed N1 by the Baddies
  3. Confirming. Time to fire up the old mafia skills! (I have no idea what I'm doing, but let's do this!) I'd agree that the Cop's spy is the most useful, probably followed by the Doctor and the Mayor. As for enemies, I guess Clark, since he can win faster. Can't really do to much about that yet with the early lack of info, so I guess we'll see how it goes.
  4. Whoooop! Let's do it! Edit - got doubled
  5. I've contacted MK, she says she's interested, but hasn't popped up yet... I'll give her a nudge
  6. Roster:1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. Panther 5. 6. Hirkala 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. Psst, @araver, your pings didn't work, but Flame mentioned this thread, and so I saw it anyway. Think you have to type '@blah' and wait for it to suggest people, then click it. Yo, everyone. 'sup?
  7. Welp, probably dead, but I thought perhaps since I was here, I'd update the list anyway. I'll take a look at Forgotten Districts!
  8. Well... huh. Decided to check back on these forums in a fit of nostalgia, and lo, this old thing is still in signups! Wasn't expecting any activity to be honest, but it's actually rather nice to see some familiar faces having posted (semi) recently! To any of my old friends that still hang around here: I hope you are all well! I'm still up for this. Why not? Considering the last post before MikeD was 2014, I'm not too hopeful, but what the hell. Given the huge time-gap, I took the liberty of resetting the confirmations, and checking up on everyone's activity. Guess I'm back to checking up on BD every so often. Host, MollyMae - Recently on BD, unconfirmed 1. Flamebirde - Recently on BD, unconfirmed2. MikeD - Confirmed, February 20173. DyalDragon - Last seen September 20144. Kikacat123 - Last seen September 20145. Marksmanjay - Last seen August 20166. bonanova - Recently on BD, unconfirmed7. Barcallica - Last seen May 20158. Brainiac100 - Last seen July 20139. TheCube - Last seen July 201310. araver - Recently on BD, unconfirmed11. onetruth - Last seen September 201412. dee_tot - Last seen September 201613. TwoaDay - Last seen October 201414. Auramyna - Last seen August 201415. Magic_luver101 - Last seen September 201416. Hirkala - Recently on BD, unconfirmed17. Panther - Confirmed, March 201718. Bmad - Recently on BD, unconfirmed19. mboon - Last seen July 2012 Backup: maurice_2.0 - Confirmed, February 2017 Pinging everyone that has been around BD recently. As for the people who haven't been around in years, maybe we could try another round of emails? Or, if this draws some attention, maybe some new folks could fill in the red spaces. @Molly Mae@flamebirde@bonanova@araver@Hirkala@BMAD@marksmanjay@dee_tot
  9. Host: Molly Mae 1. Flamebirde - 2013 2. MikeD - 2013 3. DyalDragon 4. Kikacat123 - 2013 5. Marksmanjay - 2013 6. 7. Barcallica - 2013 8. Brainiac100 9. The Cube - 2013 10. araver - 2013 11. 12. dee_tot - 2013 13. TwoaDay 14. 15.Magic - 2014 16. Hirkala 17. Panther - 2014 18. Bmad - 2013 19. mboon If anyone still watches this, there are a few people interested in playing this over on mafiamaniac, feel free to hop over there and have a look - might have more of a chance of getting it running there But by all means, confirm here too - the more the better, and I want to play this damn game
  10. Panther

    What Am I?

    A bit of a stretch, but a computer mouse?
  11. Welcome back, Y-san How was the vacation? Round 7 Sign-ups: 1. Panther 2. 3. ...
  12. Panther

    What Am I?

    Damnit Omega I'll try anyway - An old fashioned phone cord?? (Points for being slightly more specific than Omega?? )
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