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  1. Outside the Box Studios Presents... A Y-san Puzzleduction... (Based on the short story The Chromatic Witch that Y-san's real life alter ego was too lazy to actually write...) The Chromatic Witch The room was almost completely dark. Around the periphery of the room, the girl could barely make out the outlines of pieces of equipment, stands where pieces of equipment should have been, lab benches with varying degrees of dust cover, drawers brimming with supplies, and cabinets littered with specimen jars that were labeled in a weary hand. “Are you ready?” asked a voice, muffled by the presence of a light turquoise surgical mask. The man it belonged to, donning the matching attire, adjusted the fluorescent stand light next to him. Then he turned and selected a scalpel and surgical drill from the trolley of tools sitting next to him. It could have been his imagination, but he thought that, for just a brief moment, he caught a slight wince in the corner of the girl’s eye when her gaze fell upon the drill. But he blinked, and it was gone. Reclining back onto the vinyl back of the surgical chair, the girl closed her eyes. “Do it.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Sector Lambda Our world is in grave peril. The most nefarious, most maleficent, most devious Chromatic Witch seeks to destroy it through her malevolent tricks and heinous devices. The Chromatic Witch draws her vile power from her seven Gateways. Each Gateway has the property of being a different color, and each color grants the Chromatic Witch different powers. Hence, we have gathered you, the best and the brightest agents, here, under the skillful supervision of the most capable and fair Father to form an elite team in the world’s defense. You and your fellow agents will have to venture into the territory of these Gateways and destroy them, one-by-one, to remove her hold on this world and vanquish her. There are a few things you must know, though, before you can attend the task at hand. 1. Do not question the word of Father. He is here for your guidance and protection. Father knows best, and has your best interests at heart. Normal human beings such as you and I cannot hope to understand the depth of Father’s knowledge and comprehension. 2. Do not question the above, ever. 3. Some of the challenges the Chromatic Witch will pose will require special knowledge, which should be readily available through the neuro-link to the vast information network implanted into your minds. If your neuro-link is malfunctioning, please contact the BioIT department at SectorLambdaBioIT@gmail.com for help. 4. Some of the challenges the Chromatic Witch will pose may have more than one possible solution. If you discover multiple solutions, then take pride in your savvy as an agent. However, you will have to face the Chromatic Witch in her own domain, and to defeat her power over the domain, you must find the solution to what she has set as the key to her devices and abilities. 5. Some agents will be more readily adapted to certain tasks or easily identify the knowledge needed for certain challenges than others. After all, no man may have complete knowledge, no man except Father, that is, but he is no mere man. Therefore, to be the most effective, you must function as a team and build on each others' strengths. Remember, this is not about you as an individual, this is about protecting our world. 6. Do not question any of the above. It just may cost you or your team their lives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Led by a tall, gangly man with scraggly dark hair and close-knit brows, who had introduced himself as “Agent Wraith”, the new agents entered the main operations room of Sector Lambda, burdened by a combination of excitement, anticipation, and anxiousness. “And this is the main control unit,” Agent Wraith explained, waving his arm towards the an expansive sloped panel covered with back-lit buttons of various shapes and sizes, from which a number of holo-screens protruded. “We use it to coordinate all of our operations in the field. It sends real-time feedback from our agents’ neuro-links, so we can monitor their vitals and receive any information they attain, allowing us to guide them as effectively as possible.” He demonstrated by dragging out a sample schematic on the nearest holo-screen, featuring a rotating representation of a head on one half, which zoomed out and displayed the agent’s infrared signature, and with several panels of scrolling data on the other half. Most of the group emitted the appropriate oohing and aahing sounds. Wraith nodded acceptingly, ignoring the few holding back. Then he turned and went to stand by a panel with four 12 columns of lights, every other column of which was blinking, and contained 1, 4, 3, 2, 5, and 2 lights, respectively. The non-blinking columns contained 5, 6, 4, 7, 7, and 6 lights. “That ends the orientation. But before you can start your duties, there is a little test we administer to new Agents to make sure they’re up for the trials ahead.” He swept out his arm at a group of Agents sitting nearby. “Hi, I’m Janine,” said a pretty, freckled girl with short reddish brown hair and glasses. She gave them a warm smile. “And I’m Orin,” followed a somewhat tall, muscular blonde with clear blue eyes, a strong jaw ,and prominent cheekbones. He gave them a welcoming nod. “And that is Umi,” Wraith finished, gesturing towards a small, thin, silver-haired girl with pale skin and sharp eyes. “She doesn’t talk much, but she’s a wiz with computational stuff.” The girl blinked at them and then turned back to her work. “One of the agents here is the squad captain. Did you get the memo? Good. Your test, new agents, is to figure out which one. And no random guessing.” He wagged a finger. “Only answers with appropriate reasoning will be accepted. You must demonstrate your prowess before gaining the right to wear a Sector Lambda uniform.”
  2. To-do Lists

    My to-do list: Buy milk. Pay credit card bills. Figure out more clever ways of killing people. Try out new 'recipe' for brownies *cough*. Finish novel. Finish the rest of the novels in the series. Finish the half dozen other series(es?) Figure out what the plural of 'series' is. Remember to post birthday wish on friend's Facebook profile...on time this year. Conquer the world. Find missing socks.
  3. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Pssss...psssss.... Have you heard? As the time of ghosts and ghouls approaches, apparently there's something amiss in the land of BrainDen! Rumor has it there's a spirit floating around here...and he's left a trail of mysteries to follow... The Seven Mysteries of Brainden The Phantom Thread The Poltergeist Equations The Whisper of Death The Witch Hunt The Secret Level The Time of Madness The Final Mystery I wonder what it could all be about? *whistling*
  4. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Sorry, been incapacitated with a bad cold
  5. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

  6. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

  7. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

  8. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

  9. Games to Come (e.g. Mafia)

  10. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Thanks. Nothing makes me happier than knowing people are both being challenged and having fun.
  11. Games to Come (e.g. Mafia)

    If anyone is still up for mafia, working on this: 9 Players, 6 innocents, 3 mafia/independent with individual cyclic win conditions, very rough draft (I watched Assault on Arkham and just had to make it ;P).
  12. The Phantom Thread

    Discussion and hints here.
  13. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Hmm? You mean those rumors of a thread that appears and disappears at will? The Phantom Thread, the first mystery. Hmm...wasn't there something in the hints about first...? ;P
  14. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    "Okay, what?" what?
  15. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    All the puzzles have been set in place, the solution to one will lead to the next .
  16. Random points on x-axis

  17. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Spoilers, no spoilers, work as an individual, or a team, discuss here or with each other via PM, whatever you want. It could be a little bit of a race for the competitively minded *whistling*, but the eve of ghosts and ghouls is a still a ways away so there's no rush .
  18. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Reserved for victory listing.
  19. The Seven Mysteries of Brainden

    Hints (periodically updated)
  20. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Justice League UNLEASHED Second Arc: Of Magic and Men The 2nd Assemblage of Supervillains: (Have BTSC, choose one player each Night to carry out kill, and once in the entire game, may save one player from the lynch) Lex Luthor: (Man) A mere man, yet he earns the title of Superman’s greatest adversary for his intellect, ambition, and powers of manipulation. Each Night, he may control the actions of one player if he is able to correctly identify their role. He will be informed if the manipulation is successful and/or if his action was redirected, but not to whom. Subject to all role restrictions (if he unknowingly breaks one of them or the player unknowingly breaks one of them due to having been manipulated, the player’s action will fail and he or they will be informed it failed due to breaking of a role restriction). The player he is manipulating is subject to block/redirection. If he manipulates a role that receives information, he receives the information as well. The player he is manipulating is not informed they were manipulated. Cannot manipulate Amazo. If he manipulates the Flash or any Day action, must specify during the nth Night that he will use the action on the nth Day (and hence no other). He may choose the message targets during the Day. Ares: (Magic) The God of War, not at all bitter about the lack of worship to him in the present era *whistling*. Uses his powers to rile up his opponents against each other. Any Day, may select a player to change the vote of. As it is a Day action, it cannot be blocked or redirected, but can be manipulated. Solomon Grundy: (Magic) Undead zombie corpse of a mob boss, is short on wit but definitely not short on strength. Being undead, can only be killed at Night by the magic of Hawkgirl’s Nth metal mace and requires a majority of votes to lynch. Any Night, may use brute force to prevent a player from acting. Felix Faust: (Magic) An ancient sorcerer (yeah, we mean ancient) on a never-ending quest for mystical power. He may channel the spirits of the dead. Any Night, he may use the abilities of a dead player if he can correctly identify their role or choose a player and determine if they are magic or man. Cannot channel Amazo (being an android who doesn’t have a spirit to channel), or Hawkgirl (being from a different world whence her spirit will return to upon death). Subject to all role restrictions, which are reset upon the player’s death. The Independent: Amazo/Professor Ivo’s Android: (Man...kinda) An innovation creation by the late Professor that can replicate the abilities of the beings it comes in contact with. Each Night, it may choose one player to learn their role and copy their abilities (this action cannot be blocked, redirected, or undone). On the nth Night/Day cycle, it may also use n/2 (rounded down) of the abilities it has learned. (If he chooses to use Day actions, must specify the Night before that how many Day actions he will be using) Not subject to any role restrictions, except Lex’s RID manipulate, and Batman's item limit. If he copies Batman, starts out with Batman's initial arsenal. If he replicates Superman, he gains his invulnerability and susceptibility to krytonite. Invincible for first two Nights and Days. If blocked or redirected, each block or redirect will only affect one of his abilities. At any time, but only for one Night/Day cycle in the entire game, Amazo may activate turbo mode, in which he is unkillable, unlynchable, unblockable, unredirectable, and unundoable. The Justice League: Superman/Clark Kent: (Man) Somebody save me...well, that’s what he’s here for. Each Night, may choose one player to save. Cannot save himself and cannot be saved. Due to his Kryptonian physiology, he cannot be killed at Night without the aid of kryptonite. However, since studies have linked prolonged exposure to kryptonite to cancer, no one carries it around with them, hence an attacker must return to their secret HQ to retrieve it, and cannot perform any other Night action in addition to the kill. Use of kryptonite must be specified with the kill, and cannot be used two Nights in a row. Batman/Bruce Wayne: (Man) The only founding JL member without superpowers, he is arguably the strongest due to his intelligence, discipline, and inner strength. Now comes equipped with his own trademarked utility belt! Any Night, may use an item on his belt, however, once the item is used, it will be gone and no longer available. If blocked, item is not used. Items on the belt (and their quantity): Batarangs (2): May use to injure a player and prevent them from acting. Grapple gun (1): May use to spirit himself and another player of his choosing out of danger (save). Line Launcher (1): May use to zip line a player away, saving them from the lynch. (May use this at any time during the Day but must either choose not to act the Night before or the Night after) Cryptographic sequencer (1): May use to hack into a player’s computer and receive the same information they receive that Night. Smoke pellets (3): May use to disguise himself so that he may watch and find out the players who acted on his target. Tracers (3): May place on his target and find out who they acted on. Kryptonite (1): (In lead casing) His backup plan, just in case... Wonder Woman/Diana: (Magic) Themysciran Princess with power second to no man. Each Night, may use her lasso of truth to find the answer to one TRUE/FALSE question (PM’s question to host and host will answer TRUE/FALSE). Cannot be redirected. May not ask about pending actions. Flash/Wally West: (Man) Fastest man on earth...and, as Hawkgirl likes to point out...single. Uses his super-speed to ferry messages b/w roles. Each Day he may choose two roles, one to send, one to receive and the next Night the sender will be informed they may send a message and to which role. The receiver will not be informed of the sender’s role. As it is a Day action, it cannot be blocked or redirected, but can be manipulated. Green Lantern/John Stewart: (Man) Using his power ring as an extension of his will, he may choose to do one of the following actions each Night, not the same two Nights in a row: save, block, redirect. Cannot redirect a player to themselves. Cannot die as long as Hawkgirl is alive. If Hawkgirl dies, also gains the option to kill. Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol: (Magic) Her tongue being the only thing sharper than the spikes on her Nth metal mace, this Thanagarian dynamo may target one player any Night to kill with her weapon or she may choose a player to find out if they are magic or man using the magical properties of her weapon. May not choose the kill action two Nights in a row and may not target the same player two Nights in a row. Knows the identity of Green Lantern. Is revealed when she dies. Martian Manhunter/Jon Jones: (Man) Sole survivor of his species, each Night may use his telepathic abilities to delve into one player’s mind and redirect their action, or use his ability of invisibility to watch and learn which players acted on his target. Cannot redirect players to themselves. May not target the same player two Nights in a row. Zatanna Zatara/Herself: (Magic) uoy no lleps a tsac lliw ytuaeb reH. Each Night, my use her backwards magic to undo an action if she can predict it. Predictions must be in the form “[role A] [performs X action] on [player B]”. Applies to the action itself, not what the player intended, so includes actions that are being manipulated and/or redirected and is assessed after manipulation/redirection. Zatanna’s action itself cannot be redirected, and trumps all other actions in case of loops or conflicts. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen: (Man) The world’s greatest archer...or so he likes to think. Always hits his target with deadly accuracy. Each Night, may choose a target and make their action unblockable and unredirectable, or choose a player to determine if they are Black Canary. If he finds Black Canary, gains BTSC with her. May not target the same player two Nights in a row. Black Canary/Dinah Lance: (Man...well, not really but you know…) Strong willed and skilled at judo, each Night, may use her canary cry to either incapacitate a player, preventing them from acting, or to echo-locate them and find out their target. May not target the same player two Nights in a row. Miscellaneous rules: ***Note: 1 Supervillain and 2 Justice Leaguer roles have been removed. It will be announced which, but certain roles will know if other roles were removed.*** Things that will appear in Night Post: Kills, successful saves (including undo’s), blocks. Blocks will not be shown in this setup but the player will be privately informed they were blocked. Kryptonite use will not be shown. Block on block will result in a canceling out of actions and will not be shown (observing roles will also not see anything happening). Everything else in the Night/Day Post is subject to creative license ;P. In the event of a tie: if the tie is due to use of Ares’s ability, no one dies. Otherwise, all tied players die and the last player(s) to add/remove/change their vote(s) to create the tie(s) dies. All “cannot be killed at Night”’s will appear as saves, from a saving role that is not shown as acting otherwise in the Night Post if possible, otherwise random, and all “cannot be lynched/saved from lynch/no one dies” will be indistinguishable. In case of loops: Manipulate>Redirect>Block In case of roles acting on the same player: Lex’s manipulate>Amazo using Lex’s manipulate, Amazo using any redirect>Martian Manhunter’s redirect>Green Lantern’s redirect, and of course, any block will prevent the player from acting. Redirect loops will be terminated on the first return, i.e. if A redirects a block to A, will show in the Night Post as A being blocked; if A redirects B’s redirect to A it will effectively block B’s redirect and nothing else will happen. Only the initial redirect target and action will be seen by observing roles, i.e. they will see A acted on B, but not B acted on A. Unless otherwise specified, role abilities (things that a role must actively choose to do, i.e. actions) can be blocked/redirected/manipulated/copied, but role attributes (i.e. passives) cannot. All actions are considered to be initiated at Night and ‘go through’ during the transition b/w Night and Day, so a player’s action will occur unless blocked or manipulated. Players will not be informed of the success/failure of their actions unless otherwise stated. Players are free to say whatever they wish in the thread as long as they do not make a false claim about the host or the rules. The host reserves the right to clarify any seeming misunderstanding about the rules. No reproduction of game related material from outside the game thread in the game thread. Please address your questions to the host in purple. Thanks! In the watchtower the lone figure stood, staring out into the horizon receding along the blue and green orb below. Her thoughts along with her gaze had lost themselves in that vibrant golden glow, the same glow which had glinted off the armor of her countryman, her companions, the day she had been raised to the rank of warrior, the day they all had, the happiest day of her life. But the brilliance of that golden glow had been nothing compared to the glow on their faces, which in turn was nothing compared to the glow in their hearts, for to fight; to protect their home, to put their lives on the line for its honor, and even to give their lives; that was what they have been made for, what they sought in the deepest reaches of their souls. But her connection to her comrades and her home had vanished like the halo now had, intenable except in her memory, leaving behind only the shadows of loss and yearning. The warrior sighed. “You are thinking of Thanagar again,” the martian’s smooth voice glided into her consciousness as his physical form glided into the room. Hawkgirl snapped around, furious at hearing the interloper speak the name of her home. “Stay out of my mind, Jon. You have no right to be in there.” The martian shook his head slowly. “I understand your loneliness, I too have lost my home.” “Understand? How could you? It’s not the same thing. My home is still out there, yours…” Her lips froze and her voice trailed off as she became aware of what she had been about to say. Jon’s marked brow sagged, the only sign he ever evinced of his internal agony. Hawkgirl started to lift a hand as if in apology, but the martian had already phased into invisibility and no doubt was on his way out. Green Lantern felt something brush past him lightly as he leaned against the doorway, glaring at the Thanagarian warrior. “Jon was just trying to help. You shouldn’t have said that to him.” Becoming aware of this new presence, Hawkgirl’s mouth clamped shut and all signs of contrition fled from her features. “He shouldn’t have read my mind,” she replied petulantly. “It doesn’t take a psychic to read what’s on your mind,” the soldier retorted. “And you call yourself a warrior? If any of the men in my regiment had been as sulky as you, it would have gotten us all killed. And if any of the Lanterns in the Corps were, entire planets could be destroyed.” Hawkgirl’s face reddened to a hue deeper than her hair. She gripped the handle of her Nth metal mace so tightly her knuckles went pale, but she clenched her lips and pushed out of the room, also brushing past Green Lantern, but definitely not lightly. Under the relentless assault of his opponent, it was all the hero could do not to buckle. As soon as he managed to parry a punch or a kick or a well-aimed knee, the next attack in the expertly coordinated sequence came at him from an unanticipated position. His adversary was truly a master in the art of combat, and because of that, he was forced to go all out despite boasting superior physical strength and superhuman speed. Superman smiled. He hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. The next blow, a flying roundhouse, came towards his left, and the last son of Krypton pivoted and raised his left arm to block. His opponent landed with demi-god like agility and transitioned into a low sweeping back kick without wasting a breath. Superman propelled himself upwards to avoid it, and noted his adversary’s back was to him, providing an opening, finally! As he moved to take advantage of it, though, with a hard cross, his opponent leapt up with an extraordinarily high back flip and landed behind him, wrapping muscular arms around his neck. Superman gritted his teeth and struggled against the death grip for what seemed an interminable interval, and finally decided on thrusting back and attempting to fling his opponent over his head. It worked, and his adversary released him and performed another mid-air somersault before landing in front, facing him. The man of steel took a moment to catch his breath. Then he grinned. “Not bad, princess.” The amazon’s lips curved up as well in response. She straightened and brushed a loose lock of hair from her face. “Again?” A red blur flashed past the open doorway. A moment later, it came back, this time entering the room and stopping besides the dark form that was intently typing into the console and simultaneously scanning three computer screens. “Wonder Woman is sparring with Superman?” the speedster queried with incredulity somehow pronounced by the lines of his mask. The vigilante paused just long enough to grace the source of the interruption with his patented cowl-covered scowl. “Do you want to spar with her?” “Uh...well…” The scarlet speedster stammered as a phantom pain flashed down his side, an echo from his previous encounter with the amazon princess. Suddenly he noticed an alert blinking on one of the screens, and in a manner true to his name, changed the subject, “Hey, what’s that?” “Woohoo!” Peels of petulant laughter pierced the space between buildings as a snake of ice sprung forth around them in midair. Sliding along it came two figures, the first a man of middle stature, clad in a white fur lined light blue parka, holding the ice gun in one hand and a canvas bag in the other, in which betrayed suspiciously gem-shaped bulges. Close on his snow-booted heels followed a skinny goggled man in an orange and green costume, toting a substantial green backpack, and grinning from ear to ear. They were immediately pursued by a volley of arrows. The first man adjusted the angle he was holding the gun to alter the path of ice it was generating. The second man ducked his head slightly to his left and the nearest arrow just missed the strap of his goggles. “Nice work, Lenny!” he cried excitedly. “I told you not to call me that!” the parka-ed man chided, turning to his compatriot. As he did, though, he noticed the slew of arrows unexpectedly curve and change course, as if guided by some sort of magic, to turn back onto them. “Duck!” he cried. The goggled man hunched down, covering his head with his hands. The beam emanated from the ice gun glanced over his head and hit the flock of arrows, freezing them. The man shivered and tenderly felt around his head, noting the tips of his spiky hair were now ice cold and rock hair. “Hey! That wasn’t…” he began. Abruptly his thought was cut short as the serpentine ice bridge beneath their feet cracked and crumbled. “Aaaaaahhhhhh!” the ice man cried as he began to plummet downward. The other man quickly retrieved a gun-shaped item from his pack and shot a torrent of a viscous, metallic substance onto the ground below, creating a mirror surface. Instead of crashing onto the ground, the forms of the two men fell into the surface, vanishing. “Darn it!” cursed the attractive blonde clad in a tight black outfit that had been in pursuit. She turned to one of her companions, a pretty brunette in a tail-coat and top hat. “Can’t you do anything, Zatanna?” The magician shook her head. “Sorry Dinah, the technology Mirror Master uses is more science than magic, and my spells won’t work on the mirror world.” “Breaking the ice with your canary cry was a good move,” remarked her other companion, a fair haired man carrying an impressive bow and dressed like Robin Hood. “Normally we’d have him dead to rights by now, but Captain Cold teaming up with Mirror Master makes it difficult.” “Well,” remarked the bird of prey meaningfully. “Didn’t we join a team as well? Maybe it’s time to call in reinforcements…” The shadows on the walls of the alcove danced in the flickering light of the candles. Their accompaniment was played by a low murmuring chant in a language so long dead that what the last historians of it had written was itself in a language long dead. The reciter, a bony figure in a purple and silver robe who had been considered tall in his time...a time long, long ago, knelt, hunched, hands clasped together with index fingers protruding out, with his eyes closed, deep in concentration. Five especially substantial candles, whose flames burned with an unusual blueish hue, were arranged around the center of the floor, delineating the vertices of a large pentagram. Strange symbols were painted along and inside it, in a fashion that would have seemed haphazard to the casual observer, but were meticulous and quintessential to the task at hand. “How much longer is this going to take?” demanded the man lounging on a couch on the other side of the cavern, who exuded in self-confidence what his head failed to exude in follicles. The hooded man did not respond, but the other figure in the room, who was no mere man by any means...or at least by his own, shook his horn-helmeted head. “Patience.” He sighed. “One of the many virtues lacking in the societies of this era.” “This era has many faults,” the affluent manipulator replied, raising his brow at the disenfranchised deity. “But at least we don’t think every time it thunders it’s an act of god.” The former god of war harumphed. “You and your science,” he scoffed, spitting the word out as if it were a Thracian toad. “It does not matter how much you know, or rather, how much you think you know. Without a strong hand to guide you, humans are no more than beasts, fighting amongst yourselves for every scrap. No...you are worse than beasts. Beasts fight only for scraps that are real, you humans contrive scraps of fancy and then waste real resources fighting for fiction.” “True,” the human seemed to concede for a moment, then continued, “but someone who is sentient of what is contrived can use it to control those who are not.” He gave his compatriot a pointed look. “I don’t have to try to claim the ground shaking as my own act.” He laughed contemptuously. The color on the deity’s face deepened to match the hue of his helmet. He opened his mouth to answer the slight, but as if in response itself, the ground began to rumble. A loud tearing sound reverberated through the chamber and the floor in the center of the pentagram sharply fell, swallowed into the gullet of the darkness below. The lights of the candles spasmed violently, as if sobbing in terror. Miasma, black and ominous, ensued to suffuse from the chasm, devouring the ground, the candles, and their crying light. Slowly a form began to emerge, still covered by the miasma: the shape of a head...then shoulders, immense and uneven...a blocky hulking torso...crooked, angled legs… After the pair gigantic misshapen feet surfaced, the miasma fell, or rather, pulled away, retreating into the chasm. As its last tendrils receded back into the darkness, the orifice seemed to suck in and close upon itself. “Well, about time,” the billionaire remarked. He glanced at the hooded man, who had stood after finishing the spell and came to stand opposed to the other two, completing the triangle, and then turned his gaze to the newcomer. There was a glint in it as he spoke: “Let’s begin, shall we?” The crow landed on the rickety wire fence that encircled what remained of an abandoned factory. The wire-cut ends of a human-sized hole gaped where thieves had passed through to steal what scraps of value they could salvage and sell on markets in varying shades of gray. The torrid afternoon sun beat down on what forsaken morsels were left. One single pane of aluminum siding, however, stood incongruously intact, for the most part, and the crow cocked its head curiously at the creature it saw in the reflection. The creature cocked its head in return. The crow cawed. The creature opened its beak as well. The crow turned its head and as its reflection followed, it began to relax. Suddenly, though, the reflected figure’s body and head distorted grotesquely as what a human being would have described as “a ripple” seemed to propagate over the shiny surface. In a flutter of wings the crow fled as more ripples fanned out, with increasing frequency. Something jutted out of the surface...an elbow. It was followed by an arm and a back and legs… “Hahahaha...that was terrific!” Captain Cold laughed as he tumbled out of the mirror dimension. Mirror Master chuckled and adjusted his goggles. “Imagine the looks on their faces when they were expecting us to go ‘splat’ but we disappear instead.” “I bet they’re all dancing around like chickens with their heads cut off, like ‘what are we going to do?’” In demonstration, Cold pulled up his arms in imitation of said fowl and began hopping around on one foot and then the other. Spurred on by the uncontrollable fits of laughter from his compatriot, he jumped higher, pretended to lose his balance, and began bawking. To flourish, he leapt into the air, twirling, and...smack into a steel wall. Or what felt like a steel wall, anyway. “Son of a…” Rubbing his now slightly more crooked nose, Cold glanced up...to come face to face with an all too familiar S symbol. “Kryptonian?” The man of steel finished for him, folding his arms over his impressive chest. “Well, Lenny, it’s been fun while it lasted,” Mirror Master murmured, backing away. “But I think it’s about time to dissolve our partnership. Every man for himself!” He cried, and whirled around to jump back into the mirror world. His movement, however, was halted in midair as a golden lasso circled about his waist. A hard tug on the rope from its owner and the goggled felon came crashing to the ground. “You were saying?” The incapacitated Mirror Master and the enervated Captain Cold exchanged looks, then gazed warily at the line of formidable figures in front of them. “Awww craaaaa…..” Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal 5) flamebirde 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver 12) Barca Roles will be PMed shortly. Please confirm in this thread when you receive yours. Thanks. Night 1 will begin as soon as roles are sent, will end tomorrow 9/11 at 9PM CST.
  21. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Final links: Intro N1: Nya Nya Nya Na Na D1: Mart(ian)-Mellow N2: Two Birds, One Groan D2: Missing in Action N3: Saved by the Swell D3: Bored to Death N4: The Calm Before the Storm D4: Canary Cryed N5: Dee Dawn of Dee Dead D5: Un-plas-ent N6: Faustbooking D6: Trending N7: Amazo Grace D7: Luth-or Dare N8: The God Who Fell and the One That Rose
  22. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Night 8 Blackgate Penitentiary Flipping the page of the Earth 2 comic book, Leonard Snart, who committed crime under the alias Captain Cold, winced as he felt a sudden pain in his eye. Keeping his good eye on the costume clad characters on the page, he blinked and rubbed his other eye vehemently, but to no avail. As a reflex, he moved towards the window to use his reflection to attempt to locate the offending eyelash or stray particle of dust, but glancing up, he was reminded that these particular windows had been specially coated with a matte finish. “Aarrgh!” He threw his hands into the air and turned an accusing gaze on his cellmate. who was meticulously constructing a house out of playing cards (left in the cell by the previous inmate *cough*). “Why did I have to be stuck in here with you?” Sam Scudder’s hand tremored as he placed the next piece, and the entire collection was sent fluttering the the dull concrete floor. Making a face, he turned an indignant expression to his former compatriot. “Me? It’s your fault we’re in here in the first place. If you hadn’t insisted on…” his voice increased an octave as he did his impression, “‘having some fun with those righteous rigarolls’ with your ‘new and improved ColdMaster2000’, and we had made a quick getaway like I suggested, we wouldn’t have gotten caught.” “It’s the ColdMeister2000,” Snart huffed. “And you’re the one who portaled us directly into a Justice League get-together.” He raised his arms in a shrug and then looked down at his clothing in disgust. “Ugh, now I’m stuck in this ugly orange jumpsuit…but I guess you’re used to wearing ugly orange attire…” Scudder ground his teeth, but then a smile slipped slyly onto his lips. “Well, I guess a decent sense of style can’t be expected of someone who dresses like an inuit in the middle of summer. Maybe you should look in a mirror more often...oh, wait, sorry, you can’t…” With an angry noise, Snart lunged and grabbed Scudder by the collar of his ugly orange jumpsuit. “Why I outta…” The awareness of solid footsteps made him pause, though, and as the large, well-muscled guard toting an imposing black baton passed by their cell, he glared at them. Snart released the other man’s collar and patted it smooth, and gave the guard a demure smile. Scudder forced his face into a grin as well and put a peremptory hand on his ‘buddy’s’ shoulder. After the sound of footsteps faded the hand stiffened and his fingers dug in, his other arm reaching for the coldmeister’s throat. Snart let out a shriek, then reared his arm to punch the self proclaimed Master of Mirrors… An assault of white light from behind them froze the pair in place. They blinked simultaneously and moved their hands to cover their eyes. “What the…” Near a farm in Kansas The Night was heavy, microscopic particles of water dangling throughout the air, in suspense, waiting for the final curtain to drop. Dense clouds rolled over the Night sky, threatening the occasional shudder of electricity. In the darkness, two forms met at a crossroads, with cold wind whipping at the fabric hanging behind each. Finally a vein of lightning ventured to strike down, illuminating the pentagon-inscribed S on one and glinting off the metallic toolbelt on the other. “It’s down to us,” the Dark Knight spoke. “We’re the only ones left.” The Man of Steel nodded grimly. A small strained smile crossed his lips. “Also seems kind of fitting, doesn’t it?” Long lashes blinked down and the glimmer of reminiscence entered his gaze. “Remember how we met?” There was silence, then the reply, “I remember I gave you a pretty good beating.” Superman’s eyebrow raised and when he glanced up at the face of his friend, he saw something there that wasn’t usually: a grin. He shrugged and took a deep fortifying breath. “Well, let’s go then and pass that good beating onto these Villains.” "Such naivete,” a booming voice scorned. The World’s Finest spun to find the armor-clad figure in the red horned helmet floating in front of them. Batman’s muscles tensed in preparation for an ensuing fight, as they had been well-conditioned to. Superman’s fist clenched and his jaw set into stone. Ares sighed. “I am not here to fight. Fighting you would be pointless. Here.” He tossed a small black box at Batman’s feet. “We borrowed this, now you may have it back. I have more use for it.” “Is that…?” Batanova felt around the compartments in his belt, and sure enough, it was gone. Phil-el’s brows furrowed. “Are you saying we should work together?” Ares’s laugh was more bitterness than mirth. “No...it is far too late for that.” He raised his arms. “I am the God of War. I know millennia’s worth of battle strategy, and I cannot see a way to win.” His voice took on a grudging tone. “As much as I loath to admit it, the Luthor mortal was correct. Without him, neither of us stand a chance, even if we allied.” “What are you talking about?” Superman frowned. “I could never ally with you. You are evil.” Another acerbic laugh, deeper this time, and, perhaps, stained a tinge with madness. “Yes,” the God of War conceded. “Yes, you are right, I am evil. But that is exactly why you could have allied with me.” He shook his head in disdain. “I recognize good and evil. I recognize morality and principle. You know my motivations, you know my capabilities. You could have persuaded me, we could have reached an agreement. But that thing...it has no principles, has no motivations. You could persuade it no more than the force of gravity. All you can do is wait to be crushed in its wake.” The former deity threw his head back to laugh once more, but instead it was jerked violently to the side with a powerful blow, and his armored shape was sent smashing into a silo a few hundred meters away. The golden form of the android hovered above the heroes, staring at them with its featureless face. Behind it, the lightning seemed to intensify as its vocal mechanism activated, producing a Mandarin saying Batman recognized. “Speak of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao arrives,” he translated. “Seems like it has learned some things.” “Well, let’s teach it a few more things,” Superman goaded, and as he crouch to load his attack his cape and the dust around him lifted into the air. Keeping his eyes on their enemy, Batman reached carefully behind him to retrieve a batarang and his hand closed in on...nothing? The unforeseen circumstance only disoriented the League of Assassins trained warrior a split second, but that was enough. A lightning fast spear of green energy pierced the Dark Knight’s chest. With a cry, the Man of Steel shot towards the android, fists extended in front of him. A sonic boom erupted as his Kryptonian physique accelerated through the weighted air. The super-beings collided and the momentum carried their tangle into the air, a blur of blue, red, and gold. The exchange of super-speed punches continued as they climbed, up, up, up...through the stratosphere...the mesosphere...the thermosphere… Below their battle entwined forms, the outline of the continent could be discerned, nudging out of the green-blue oceans, as a pair of concerted punches jarred the combatants apart. Amazo’s inorganic limbs hung loosely. His eyes remained on his opponent. “You cannot win.” It was not a boast nor a challenge, but a simple, clear statement of fact. The Man of Steel’s teeth clenched as did his fists. “We’ll see about that...don’t underestimate us...don’t underestimate humanity.” “You are not…” But before the statement of fact could be completed, the last son of Krypton slammed into the android, and the once again entangled pair propelled back towards the earth. Sparks flew and the android’s metal shell blazed red as they crashed through the layers of the atmosphere. Superman managed to turn the android’s body so that it took the brunt of the re-entry force, but the pressure front still pushed on him decidedly. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…” Gritting his teeth, Batman gripped the burning hot spear of energy in his hand. With a resolute grimace, he gave it a hard yank and it slid out of his shoulder. He allowed himself a brief scream of pain and to fall back onto his back for 2.3 seconds to catch his breath. Then he turned over and pushed himself up. Ignoring the pain, he searched around the surrounding darkness. His well-honed reflexes had allowed him to dodge just enough so that the energy blade had not hit any vital organs. He’d live...for now. But if that thing had learned the abilities of Superman...well, then he’d definitely need that. He located the shape of the box a few feet away in an intermittent strike of lightning. Limping to it, he picked the box up and opened the lid slightly. That ominous but expected greenish yellow glow greeted him. A sudden massive jolt of the ground as a form crashed to earth almost caused him to drop it though, and a closely following second jolt, just as hard and caused by second crash, knocked him off his feet. The force of the impacts had created compression waves that flattened the wheat around the smoldering bodies in a circle (which no doubt would be trending on Twitter the next morning…#mysteriouscropcirclesinkansas). Still ignoring the pain, Batman crept up to the nearest circle. The form in the center rose slowly, as if disoriented, and the Dark Knight could make out its smooth metallic outline. Noticing the green energy spear nearby, he inhaled and quickly grabbed the scorching shaft. With a quick movement, he flipped open the lid of the box and plunged the tip of the spear into the glowing yellow-green rock, coating the edge of the energy blade. The android had gotten up to its feet and was shaking out its golden head when it saw the dark cowled form leaping towards it. It held up a hand. “Hold on...wait…” The kryptonite covered energy spear drove into its golden chest. Its form convulsed in shock, then sagged into Batman’s arms. “Ha...ha...hahahahaha…” Sporting an ostensible dent in the side of his helmet, with one shoulder drooping awkwardly and blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, Ares began laughing uncontrollably as he levitated precariously towards them. Even with every molecule of his body screaming in pain, Batman graced the Greek god with his trademarked cowled scowl. “Now you want to fight?” Ares shook his head, mad tears flowing down his cheeks as he tried to restrain his laughter. “No...that’s not…mmh…” He swallowed and cleared his throat. “You mortals are so easily fooled.” A grunt interrupting one last chortle, he popped his shoulder back into its socket and wiped the blood from his lips and then turned a smug, knowing gaze onto the vigilante. “It seems that the android has not only learned my aptitude for strategy...but a little magic as well.” The scowl remained for a moment, but then turned to alarm as realization dawned on the caped crusader. His gaze darted to the figure in his arms...the limp, lifeless blue and red form of his best friend, now free from the illusion that had been cast on it. “No...it can’t be…” the man stammered, his usually unusually slow heart-rate pounding. He fell to his knees and cradled the unmoving body. “No...no...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Suddenly the masks of the vigilante, the Dark Knight, and the protector of Gotham were stripped away, and all that was left was the shaky young boy whose parents had been brutally murdered in a dark alley. A flash of lightning revealed a golden form towering behind the bat-shaped outline. An enormous green broadaxe was raised above its head. Thunder clapped in the distance. Ares lowered his gaze and turned away as the crying orphan was finally put out of his misery. Releasing the axe and allowing the energy to dissipate, Amazo turned to his remaining adversary and his golden form ascended into the air slowly, deliberately. The God of War held his ground (or, more accurately, airspace) and stared stonily at the android - no, it was not fair to call it that. It had been created as an android, but it had been gifted with an unparalleled capacity to learn, and with each ability it learned, it had also learned to increase that capacity, to a degree that even its creator could never have in his wildest dreams imagined. It had been an android, but now...now it had become something more, something that transcended… A fat raindrop plopped onto Amazo’s smooth head and slid unimpeded down the perfectly curved surface. It was followed by another...then another...then another and another and another… Plasmares and Nanazo held unwavering gazes on each other as the heavy rain poured down around them, the droplets drumming in anticipation of the battle about to commence. Lightning struck down, as if giving the ready, and then… BOOM! As the thunder roared, the titans clashed in a fury, the glint of their armors slashing red and gold streaks into the Night sky. Dodging a golden punch, Ares crossed his arm and slipped his hands through the seams to pocket dimensions, pulling out a pair of swords he had magically stowed there. Letting loose a warcry, he struck. Amazo’s arms shifted into the shape of blades as he parried, at first clumsily, but learning and improving at an unfathomable rate. Finally the blades locked in intertwined crosses, the adversaries pushing with equal strength. With a quick calculation, Amazo opened his mouth and emitted a supersonic cry. The compression force of the Canary Cry thrust Ares backward, but he managed to catch himself within a few meters. Keeping his eyes fixed on his opponent, Ares lifted his arms to his sides, palms upward, and magically drew a multitude of swords from their various pockets, beautifully crafted, deadly, carefully collected over millenia. As the first wave of blades fully emerged, he brought his arms forward and the weapons were sent flying at the golden being. “Evrews,” Amazo pronounced, holding up a hand. The trajectory of the missiles turned and curved around him. A second wave of blades pommeled towards it from its side and it created a green wall just in time to block the onslaught. A third wave was knocked off course by a golden imitation of a batarang. And so the siege continued, with Ares sending each wave progressively faster and Amazo countering by learning new methods of deflecting the attack at an even more expedited rate. At last, Ares lowered his arms. “It seems my larder has been emptied,” he remarked wryly. The emotionless golden stare remained. “Do you capitulate?” the toneless voice asked. The God of War lowered his helmeted head as if in defeat. Then suddenly, there was a rumbling as all the swords which had been dispatched rose up in a circle around the golden being, a veritable fleet...no an ocean of gleaming metal. Ares howled and the waves of steel imploded together, a million skewers piercing through Amazo’s golden shell simultaneously. The force of the collision sent a shower of water droplets exploding through the air, spraying all that was around. A victorious grin spreading over his face as the rain died down, Ares shook the precipitation from his face. “You may have learned my aptitude for strategy, but it seems you still have a few centuries before you are my match.” He threw his head back and laughed. “Ha...ha...hahaha...ehch…chchch...” Coughs quaked through his chest as blood spurted into his lungs and up to his mouth. His wide, disbelieving gaze lowered...to find the tip of a blade protruding from his chest, shimmering with his blood. “I am not your match,” came the even, matter of fact tone. “I am superior.” The mass of swords being magically held fell as the lanced golden illusion dispersed and clattered to the earth. The sound delivered memories to Ares’s waning consciousness, of celebrations thrown in his honor, whence great warriors and children who strived to become great warriors clanged their weapons on their shields and exalted his name. A dreamy smile wafted over his bloody lips as his eyelids drifted closed... As the God of War’s body tumbled to the field below, the transcendent golden being surveyed the devastation around him impassively. It had been an immeasurable battle, and, at last... It had won. The En- “You finally awake?” a female voice teased.. Groaning, Bruce rolled over and his eyelids fluttered open. His blurry vision slowly cleared, and he found himself staring at the ceiling in the medical bay of the Watchtower. “Wha...how did I get here?” he inquired groggily. “With great effort,” the female voice answered. It seemed...oddly familiar. “You almost died, but we managed to get to you just in time.” “Are you…” he turned his head and confirmed his suspicions. “...Zatanna? But you died…” “Actually,” the magician, the reports of whose death had clearly been premature, shrugged. “I faked my own death, and then used my magic to alter your memories.” “My death as well,” an arrogant voice added. Bruce turned to his other side and it took all his lauded self-control not to gape. Sitting besides him, on a sickbed in the Justice League satellite, frowning over a carton of tapioca pudding, was...Lex Luthor. Zatanna grinned sheepishly. “Sorry...it wasn’t actually my idea.” At the querying look he gave her, she exposited, “Doctor Fate came to me a few Nights ago and told me he needed my help. A greater threat is coming and we needed to prepare, to gather the team to face it.” The heroic billionaire shot the avaricious one a skeptical look. The pretty magician let out a small laugh. “Yeah, I know...but...he’s necessary. I’ll explain…” But before she could, the floor...no the Watchtower...no the world itself began to tremor as a rift tore into the fabric of space and time. “Too late…” Zatanna gulped. “They’re here.” ...to be continued... (Whew...sorry that took so long, but I think it was worth, I hope at least some of you do too ) 1) Phil1882 [Superman] - no action sent 2) Nana77 [Amazo] - copy Araver 3) bonanova [Batman] - no action sent 4) tolecnal [Martian Manhunter] - watch Plasmid 5) flamebirde [Hawkgirl] - magic find tolecnal 6) onetruth [Green Lantern] - block tolecnal [BLOCKED] 7) dee_tot [Green Arrow] - Phil as BC 8) plasmid [Ares] - N/A 9) TwoaDay [Zatanna] - undo "Ares NKs TwoaDay" 10) Kikacat123 [Felix Faust] - magic find tolecnal, NK Nana 11) Araver [Black Canary] - block onetruth 12) Barca [Lex Luthor] - manipulate bonanova as Hawkgirl to kill Araver Thanks everyone for playing, it has been a really interesting game to host . Congratulations to Nana for the the first indie win in Justice League (and associated) history! You did an amazing job controlling the voting in the game thread so that you were never in danger of being outed, and managed to lay low and build up your power base until you were unstoppable! A special commendation to plasmid for being the most strategically attuned player in the game. Lol...actually I think that was also kinda your downfall...sometimes you considered the optimal Amazo strategy more fully than Amazo did (that double block + Kr kill thing would have totally worked ). But you lead the Villains fantastically and somehow...almost magically, lol...managed to keep your entire team off of the lynching block for the first 4 Days. Great coaching and very clever and amusing strategies, especially the whole claiming Amazo thing ;D. araver - you once again managed to figure things out...and once again ended up being lynched instead of listened to . Barca - yeah...I really don't know how you did your Jedi mind trick of staying under the radar until, like, Day 7, but, uh...if it works it works... bonanova - although you're new to mafia, you handled this somewhat complicated setup like a champ. Looks like you might have some of that Amazo learning potential in you ;P. dee_dot - bad luck with your Canary search but you made good observations in the game, just wish you could have more of an opportunity to act on them flamebirde - sorry you died early but it was a pleasure having you to talk to in the ghost thread...it was kinda lonely *whistling* kika - great job for your first time as mafia, you managed not only to many of the innocents that you were a hero, but an important hero at that! Phil - good job selecting successful save targets! Most saves aren't that successful . onetruth - it was good to have you back, and good job confusing the Villains on your role...even if it might not have been entirely intentional... tolecnal - welcome back, sorry you died so soon TwoaDay - fun having you around, as always, glad you were here, even if you didn't have much luck with your predictions. I think that's everyone...I have some general game comments but I'm pretty tired so I'll probably post them tomorrow. Thanks again for playing, hope to see you in JLU3: Trinity of Crisis...which will have a few changes in the 'line-up' and an additional independent (both of which have been hinted at throughout the story...) A bientot!
  23. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Still working on the Post...okay, I may have gotten a tad carried away...*whistling*...but I think a certain of degree of epicness is warranted, is it not? ;P
  24. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Links: Intro N1: Nya Nya Nya Na Na D1: Mart(ian)-Mellow N2: Two Birds, One Groan D2: Missing in Action N3: Saved by the Swell D3: Bored to Death N4: The Calm Before the Storm D4: Canary Cryed N5: Dee Dawn of Dee Dead D5: Un-plas-ent N6: Faustbooking D6: Trending N7: Amazo Grace D7: Luth-or Dare
  25. Justice League UNLEASHED 2

    Day 7 The remaining heroes, villains, and...well whatever Amazo was now, pushed in on Barca, edging him towards the dock’s drop off. “You’re making a huge mistake,” he warned them, wobbling slightly at the sight of the vacillating waves. “Yeah, yeah, we know you’re not one of us,” Nana dismissed, cocking the barrel of her gun at him. “Now walk.” Gritting his teeth, Barca took a few more steps, slowly, deliberating. When he reached the very edge of the platform, he spun around, eyes blazing. “You fools! I may not have been your friend, but I could have been your ally. You needed me. You have signed your own death warrant.” His gaze directed unwaveringly at Nana. If looks could kill… ...they can’t… ...but guns can. BANG! Barca’s body fell into the watery depths below. Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth - DEAD [?] killed by Supervillains 7) dee_tot - DEAD [?] killed by Supervillains 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay - DEAD [Zatanna] lynched 10) Kikacat123 - DEAD [?] killed by Amazo 11) Araver - DEAD [Black Canary] lynched 12) Barca - DEAD [Lex Luthor] lynched Thanks for playing, see you in a bit ;P. Night 8 starts now, ends tomorrow 9/25 at 9PM CST.........