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Me: 'This' analogy is equal to 'that' analogy...:)

My friend: Do you even know what an analogy is? :dry:

Me: Yes, of course!!! Do you think I'm a fool? I know her too well...after all, Anna Logy is my best friend!!! :D

My Friend: :blink: Ok, I've had enough...suicide.gif

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This analogy is as real as my so-called nefarious plots which I have apparently admitted to several times, although I'm certain Quag must be dreaming, because I have no nefarious plots. :ph34r: But that makes that last sentence a paradox, because if I have no nefarious plots, and I don't, it means that they're not real. Therefore, my analogy isn't real. But it so clearly is, because you can see it and read it and understand it. Oh noez! What have I done? The fabric of the universe will now be torn apart!!!!! frantic.gif

This may or may not be one of my nefarious plots.

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