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What happens in quantum statistical thermodynamics stays in quantum statistical thermodynamics...b/c no one else cares.

Out of the frying pan and on to the floor. Back into the frying pan, let hope none of the guests saw.

Whoa!! Potential bacon in earshot!

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You can tell that your teacher is lecturing when time drags.

You can tell you're looking at the person of your dreams when time stands still.

You can tell that everyone's having a ball when time flies.

You can tell Chuck Norris just walked into the room when time runs.

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Me: 'This' analogy is equal to 'that' analogy...:)

My friend: Do you even know what an analogy is? :dry:

Me: Yes, of course!!! Do you think I'm a fool? I know her too well...after all, Anna Logy is my best friend!!! :D

My Friend: :blink: Ok, I've had enough...suicide.gif

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This analogy is as real as my so-called nefarious plots which I have apparently admitted to several times, although I'm certain Quag must be dreaming, because I have no nefarious plots. :ph34r: But that makes that last sentence a paradox, because if I have no nefarious plots, and I don't, it means that they're not real. Therefore, my analogy isn't real. But it so clearly is, because you can see it and read it and understand it. Oh noez! What have I done? The fabric of the universe will now be torn apart!!!!! frantic.gif

This may or may not be one of my nefarious plots.

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