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    my point is that what if it was better that they never had. Im not trying to say that people who are poor dont deserve to live. my point is that there are cases where its better for person X to have not entered a situation. ok. so weve talked about the "what if, by being born, the baby and the mom would (probably) die? what then?" situation. and by "probably" i mean that theres some sort of complication wehre they KNOW. im not talking about the regular dangers of childbirth. but what if 1) that baby was born in a place where there wasn't any medical care so the mom and the baby have a liklyhood of dieing (and, just saying, this is for people who would WANT ABORTIONS. this isnt a "im in this part of society so i have to do ____), and the mom had the option, and she WANTED TO. what if the baby would be unwanted, and would grow up in a home where they had to live a not-so-good quality life in an unwanted home. Its not about the poor. its a "waht if." what would be better? this doesnt mean we need to pass a law saying you HAVE to get an abortion, this is for an OPTION. but i understnad your point. im sorry it sounded that way. this is why controversial topics are controversial. many people who are in a coma, and its known that they wont wake up will go off life support. and remember - its not a WILL, its a LIKELY. theres never a 100% change that the baby will survive. things happen. they do. if they're likely to wake up, most people will keep them on life support. but someone has to pay. if you nor your family can pay for you to be on life support, then who pays? the government? do you think that THEY'LL keep you on life support for as long as necessary? I dont know. from what i understand, it comes down to almost a "survivor of the fittest." but at the same time, what if the fittest doesnt get used for that purpose...im just going to hope you understand what im saying.
  2. then drop me out. ill watch it, but id rather not have to worry about both. my spot is now open. she says it anyways
  3. no prob. :) i made it up. do you like it? I may just end up quoting myself cause im just TAHT egotistical. :)

  4. hey! how are you?

  5. hi! how are you?

  6. for exams, yes. i start studying for my SAT after i finish worrying about my phys. exam. study session starts in 10 minutes. :/ meh. i like to procrastinate. :D

    awww... :/ dont worry, theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. even if you have to turn on a lightbulb to make one. :)

  7. night 1 ends june 4th, right?
  8. ^^ i dont know if someone can build off of those, but...
  9. *waves* how are you?

  10. ...i still have no idea what the heck it is. apple banana christmas danger emoticon foundation graduating helicopter inside joking kangaroo lemming monster neurological octopus persevere quicksand rhino sailboat torrential ultraviolet violent whisper xenon yak zipper
  11. ring ding-dong walking ruler comforter comforable smiley summer seasons mumford before deviant
  12. peace*out

    I agree...somewhat. i (mostly) agree about how you look at a fetus, but think about this: what would be better - for this fetus to have never been born, or for it to grow up in poverty as an unwanted and unloved, (and possibly burdensome) child to the parents. now im not syaing this is always the case, but there will be people with this situation. the reason why i say i mostly agree with your view of the unborn kid is that, under a certain "age," it cant feel, cant understand. theres a point where it can feel or react, but until then, it is as unconscious of it's being as anything. "I think, therefore I am." If something can't think, is it then not considered murder? and even then, other animals are killed, and they can think. Also: In terms of "kid potential," a point that many people have brought up, theres many MANY possibilities of "unreached potential." another point about "unborn potential" is that, at least for girls, it starts being "wasted" around the age of 13. you cant argue that every bit of dna should be used. but yeah. just adding on.
  13. HI!!! :D :D :D

    hows life?

  14. ...i meant to say "hows life?" whoops! GAH. EXAM TIME! sorry for inturrupting you. ill talk to you in the summer...byeeeeee!!! (or sooner - it depends) :)

  15. peace*out

    i konw. slitl, you can asenwr wohtuit lkoniog at the silpeor. I aegre, hwveeror. im jsut snayig.
  16. peace*out

    I KONW!!!!!! but taths the rleus...
  17. peace*out

    tehn aaign, tehy DID say "awesnr," so you DID hvae a wnrniag... jsut siynag...
  18. peace*out

    the frsit and lsat lterts hvae to be the smae. uslens you maen "on," you hvae to tpye it as "no"
  19. golden shapes (golden rectangle of proportions. look at "diving pines") twice divided by 2 (two hands, 10 fingers. divide by two, 5 fingers) 4 divided by 4 (2 hands, 2 feet, 20 appendages, divided by 4 is 5) with diving pines (Fibonacci numbers occur commonly in nature. pine tree needles are one of them) the year i am turning (15) is not the answer (remember - this was from June 2010 - i was 14 then) (15 is not the answer) and the answer does not include dasher or prancer (dasher - 1st raindeer. prancer- 3rd raindeer. 1 and 3 are wrong) however, if relating to the above (15) than the number 3 fits like a glove (15 / 3 = 5)
  20. ...i looked at the comment below and realized that pms should really be PMs. like personal messages. not pms. sowwy.

    other than that little screw up, hows like home skillet?

  21. IT HAS BEEN SENT!! i apologize beforehand.
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