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  1. worse than 7734 and 5318008!! i cant seem to find a f, v, n, d, or r on the calculator... those are the letters that pretty much are killing me on any bad word i think of. now youve made me curious. <_<
  2. no everyone!!! Im calling him cubie.
  3. 1) no. you turn it upsidedown so the 6s turn into gs. Lowercase gs. i dont capitalize them. 2) and eggshell - but in the word "shell" you type "hell" so yeah. still works.
  4. peace*out

    ...ive never heard that one. I know the happy birthday versions though... Happy birthday to you you live in a zoo you look like a monkey and you smell like one too ---------- happy birthday to me im 103 i still go to preschool and i want my mommy my momm's at work talking to a jerk the jerk is a monkey and he ate my homework ---------- and then my favorite: deck that halls (kudos to my sister for teaching me this one): deck the halls with poison ivy falalalala... (i dont know the # of "la"s, sorry) tis the season to be naughty falala... break a window pop a tire falalala... light an old man's pants on fire falalala...
  5. 7734 - hell 7734-01-06 - go to hell 77345663 - eggshell 35006 - goose and then the classic one everyone knows: 5318008 ^^looking at this, i just realized how much i end up typing "hell" into my calculator in math...wow...
  6. Cubie (there - thats your new nickname ) : yes to your question, but your answer is wrong. and no. good tries though!!! I feel like people are getting closer!
  7. do you know when will this begin? Exams are starting to come up, and when its mafia vs. exams...exams win. I didnt realize how close we were to june when i signed up. If this is going to begin in the middle of exams, then im going to have to drop out, but if they begin after June 4th (sorry for the huge time gap!) then im still in. just a warning.
  8. true. but im just saying its an OPTION...i could call you junior member!! or jr. for short. but yes, peace is better.
  9. Hey! :) I saw in the youtube thing that you like rubix's (

  10. no, no, and no. although i suppose i should say 42 is also correct, because its the answer to everything, but alas, its not the answer i was thinking of.
  11. Thats also why i like friending BDizens on FB. It feels more like i know them as people.
  12. seriously. i think that would be awesome. when you voluntarily use your free block after physic wehre your studying for exams to meet with anohter physics teacher to review for your physics SAT. <_< I hate exams
  13. peace*out

    Do You YouTube?

    I found this today. personally i like vihart better, but this reminded me of your post soooo... yeah.
  14. when you think about it the member titles could be nicknames... so maurice is space cowboy, and EDM is Smiley Queen!!!
  15. YEP! :D all done...should i do some more??
  16. uuummmmmmmm...ok.

    now i just have to think of something. :P

  17. Yeah. I dont have any of the side effects (other than nto being able to sleep if i take it too late) but I feel...less weird. which sounds good, but it feels like im less zany and weird and...me...when im on them. im just emotionless. does anyone feel the same?
  18. nope- but again, SOOO CLOSEEEEEE
  19. haha, your name has been cleared!! I hope you enjoy how much paranoia you made me feel. <_ i will seek revenge src="http://brainden.com/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D">:P

  20. JK Rowling: Shadow7 Random House: Akriti 1. PEACE 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  21. "legal speed" isnt a separate drug. Ive heard ADHD meds called that though. (Topic From 4:00 - 5:45) The Link he was talking about: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/224848.php For the record, I do disagree with Phil. Some people abuse the available-ness of it, but there are people who DO have it.
  22. Yes im kinda restarting the discussion i guess, but im going back through the thread and i saw this. In november, i was diagnosed with ADD, and I take A pill of focalin in the mornings (i dont know how much) and a pill of ritalin (i dont know how to spell them - sorry!) in the afternoon (5mg). On it, i can focus, but its not like Izzy described above. im curious: does anyone else have ADD/ADHD and/or taken this drug? Or does anyone have an opinion of it? It was really easy to get diagnosed, scary almost. I took a quiz, said i had a hard time doing my homework, and then prescribed me with it. im curious if anyone has an opinion on it. Ive also heard it called "legal speed."
  23. hey, i sent you a pm, and i just wanted to say thanks. :)

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