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  1. ok - double checking: we cant have words on the picture, rgiht?
  2. peace*out

    agreed! im the first part. its quite sad.
  3. peace*out

    when you caption over 300 pictures, and each one contains the phrase "at my school"
  4. has a horrible sunburn :(

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    2. TheCube


      I just put on some lotion.

    3. Auramyna


      That sucks! Well at least it's warm there. It's winter in Australia...

    4. peace*out


      good. just keep on doing it - its been half a week and my skin hasnt started peeling! :D

      oh. true. its mostly rain now, but that one day...ahhhh... :)

  5. no and no but good tries!
  6. yep! although thalia already solved it - by answer i meant explanation. oops!
  7. np :) sorry for the missunderstanding. :/ *agazillionhugs*

  8. peace*out

    for the record, i agree with octopuppy. but again: theres a thread for htis!
  9. peace*out

    theres a thread for this. if you want to share your opinions (please do - thats what this forum is for), then post there! definitly! however, ill warn you - many people will rip you apart. just a warning. oh, and i signed.
  10. oh - and the reason why i didnt reply is because you posted at 4am for me. i was sleeping. this is my ONE DAY to sleep in!!!

  11. ohhh...sorry, i didnt realize thats what you meant by "emotional stride." I thought you were trying to say you didnt do it, and i just like to prove my point. :P

    YOURE STILL MY FRIEND!!! *hugs* youll always be my friend. i just like to be right. sorry. its not good, but either way...meh.

    sorrrryyyyyy!!! *tacklehugs*

  12. peace*out

    I still think its this. but summore: ...i have NO idea
  13. should i post the answer?
  14. June 4th is the day of my SAT. then i go to new york for a few days. theres sketchy internet, so ill try to be on, but do realize, i wont be on all the time
  15. CLASSES ARE OVER!!! i still have exams but CLASSES ARE OVER! :D

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    2. peace*out


      so should i...buttttt i probably wont. i turned it the last of my eng. portfolio today, just 4 exams left!! :D

    3. Auramyna


      There's nothing like that feeling when they're all over... Or each time you finish an exam or assignment and that's one less. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    4. peace*out


      ahhh...i love that feeling...THANKS! :D

  16. the story is just the way you punch in numbers to make an eqation to get that answer. just search 5138008 into google - youll find something
  17. peace*out

    safari should be higher. i agree with IE being last. i used it for year and...ew.
  18. peace*out


    from AA: It is not fowl if I tell you the coward is cooked.
  19. fyi - in terms of pms, i have about room for 5 more, then thats it. thats why i comment a lot. :P

  20. peace*out


    oh. i thought those two were the beggining and end. please ignore this. ill post my ones in a sec.
  21. peace*out


    that was good, but i feel like it wasnt as funny as the other ones.
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