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  1. peace*out

    so much wrong here...so much wrong. It was so wet that the world became one giant pool party.
  2. golden shapes refers to the golden rectangle. If i remember correctly, it has something to do with the fibbonacci sequence, and 5 is one of those numbers in that sequence. golden ratio i think its called... ETA: although i like your explanation better
  3. peace*out

    EXACTLY what i thought of when i first saw this topic...
  4. no and no... i like the answer to the first one, but its not it
  5. no no and no oh, bertie bott's every flavored beans. yummy. great guesses though!
  6. peace*out


    the thing about the fear of fears: if you have a fear of the unsolved fears, then your not fearful. then you dont have fears. im kinda confused...
  7. congratulations on having seven-hundred posts. as for the sentence this has been done since the beginning. the first guess said some things then "random words are fun" i havent seen framm on here in a while
  8. peace*out

    ...how is it a paradox? Im confused
  9. experiment has left my home and found another master at least i have a telephone
  10. nope!! good guess though! wow. no, but great answer!!! I like it! I wish i had done that one instead... ...this thing i smaller than my hand. so no but good try!!
  11. no and no adding on: at first, i admit, this rhyme was quick and so im switching up the rhyming scheme because of the quickness it thought it wasnt good turns out everything it not what it seems (and no, wizards or magic as nothing to do with this, i just have that song stuck in my head. dont ask why.)
  12. peace*out


    sent it on to thalia... I like what i did with it.
  13. dammit peace ('s) failure is embarrassing
  14. shoot the creation has turned against its maker everybody run for your lives
  15. running horrible disgusting study hall allowed internet false
  16. cubie has a broken heart?? :(

  17. should i just post why?
  18. confusing puzzle is very restrictive
  19. YAY!!! now teh challenge: can you tell me why? SOLVED!!!
  20. peace*out

    these sites are your friend for arguments and rebuttles against the other side's arguments: http://www.procon.org/ http://debatepedia.idebate.org/en/index.php/Welcome_to_Debatepedia%21
  21. if you have a deviantArt, please think about trying this. i promise you, this is not spam: http://operation-reiki.deviantart.com/blog/40598652/

  22. ...been over *2* months... do you need a hint?
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