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  1. Yell and that should scare the cougar away ... or .. go the the other end of the cave and find a second exit .. on the other side of the mountain...
  2. flute Edit: I've written flake .. but remembered there has been before..
  3. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    With greek gods and demi-gods and stuff ? That sounds soooooo coool
  4. or rather Post 5 does that .. no exposure above ground actually means that no part of the circle or square can be : "out-of-the-box" so to speak...
  5. hi, so I agree with nana on the save, but frankly I don't know how Aura could have missed that since she's an old time player :-s also - one question to cube and nana : why did you not sway the vote in your favor D2, and let cube be lynched ? with cube;s manip power I think you had the votes to save him .. or at least to go into a tie... instead flame voted for him and nana decided to go neutral ... Brainy.. nice hosting, even if with some mistakes... but mistake is human nature and we could not have asked for a better host on your notes: if you would have kept the NK carrier and switch from player to player as/if they died then it would have leveled the plainfield even with the NK being blocking On a personal quest to better understand the rules of the game (and someday hosting myself) - maybe araver or slick or anyone with hosting experience could answer this one: N1 actions : Chorus NKs Slick - carrier for story purposes only. NK SAVED! (Actually no, cos kills are blocking.) 1. Flamebirde - Chorus blocks Jay 4. vcvcvc12 (mentored by Araver) - Mock Trial follows flamebirde 8. marksmanjay - Prom Committee traps no-one 10. Yodell - Quiz Bowl blocks flame In this situation and with the following rules: OOP (Order of Precedence): Kill>redirect>trap>block Faction OOP: Baddie>Goodie Explanation of OOP - This only comes into play in a loop of actions. Otherwise all actions go through. A loop will be broken by the highest action in the OOP going first. Why in this case was flame blocked by me and not him blocking jay ? (the fact that jay had no action has nothing to do with it) Why did my action get priority over his ? Either both blocks should have gone through - cause it was not a loop ? Otherwise .. how do you choose from two actions that have the same priority ... A blocks B B blocks C C performs an action and in any case .. why did vc's follow spy did not get the role of Flame's target .. in this case jay's trap ? Thanks again to all for an entertaining game , even if I died N2 it was fun to haunt as well
  6. So someone start again .. this time with 5-letter-word... like: START ...if that's ok
  7. use the long stick and some rabbit hide and create a makeshift torch, light it (with a match) and ward the cougar away ?
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