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  1. ahhhh... not the one i was thinking of. the siggy one is NOT that one. close (this person mentions hirk), but not there...
  2. peace*out

    well we all know im going to hell anyways, so its no suprise im still here...
  3. peace*out

    those both made me laugh
  4. peace*out

    no way. my roomate is SO chrstian that...yeah. she would go up in terms of dedication. in niceness...maybe thats why.
  5. peace*out

    ...people tell me that. its either my eyes or my hair. uh oh...
  6. peace*out

    it was so wet that water beds and regular beds became the same. ...i have to admit, it does sound like this thread has a double meaning...im sorry. I just thought id comment on that. my mind is just...
  7. peace*out

    *looks around* safari buddies, anyone?
  8. peace*out

    I heard they put those thingys up, but i never saw them. thats great - it looks like a promotional campain for housing. "Interest rates are low - the bible garuntees it!"
  9. I also found 3!!! I forgot to think.... yes n yes! and maurice - 7 isnt right. sorry
  10. YES! *maurice!!! I made that list loooong back....I can add you if you stump me... You're just a better mafioso, that's all... yes!!!! YES SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! ohhhh childhood...but yeah, ill search for htat person later. unless the answer is SBSP. then, I WIN!!!
  11. nope! (remember these are about me pages). Although one of the things refers to the signature. But MM has no about me page yep! and im sorry about that.
  12. summore: 5) who shares their opinions on the best riddlers? 6) whos bored and hungry? 7) who recommends newbie mafia games to play? 8) who likes to surround themselves wiht ladies? 9) who says they like to read, write riddles and be nice to everyone in a rhyme? 10) who provides links to all their deaths?
  13. 1) who loves "Muse, Green Day, No Doubt, Muse, eventing, chocolate, Muse, not pie, and other things."? 2) who is about 5'4, has long brown hair, hazel eyes, and likes to have fun? 3) whos best friend is on the forums, and is team jacob? 4) who's a random chicken (the older members have to get this right!!!!) ok: I warn, these are more older members because the new ones DONT HAVE A LOT OR ANYTHING ON THEIR ABOUT ME PAGES!!!! I looked at yours aa. nothing . and yeah: if this IS you, dont answer it!!! kthxbye!!
  14. peace*out

    Its an internet browser made by google. search it on google, and you should be able to download it. oh, and YES Q: there IS another browser other than chrome. I, for example, use safari.
  15. peace*out

    sure! not rapture-ish, but still... Ahhh what a shame. the man who predicted this was wrong a 3rd time.
  16. peace*out

    sooo... i did a little research, and the rapture was supposed to happen at 6pm PST today. thats 9pm EST. its 9:03pm, and i feel no big earthquake and hear no horns. anything else happening anywhere else?
  17. peace*out


    it has been sent to "momo"
  18. peace*out

    you can change privacy settings so people can veiw almost nothing of your profile if you want. Its WAYYYYY better than the privacy settings on MySpace. my parents wouldnt let me get a myspace, but they let me get a fb...so happy about that. so yeah: tell your mom about the privacy settings.
  19. ohhh...i think my friend told me that one. Its not THAT badd.
  20. that would be cool, but if he can see the future, then why didnt the he know about it. the only other thing i was thinking of is to make it of a false event. not 9/11. if you make it about something that never happened, you can be more creative with the story. but yeah. and @Quag: cause you know THAT'S not selfish at ALLLLLLL
  21. peace*out

    as are the rest of us. for what your addicted to now... im addicted to both.
  22. peace*out

    its thalia's turn. if she says its up for grabs, you can take it, but for now, she deciedes.
  23. peace*out


    Telephone Queue: 1. Aaryan 2. TheCube 3. Shadow7 4. JDave 5. PEACE YO! wow...when i saw this thread i had to go back and reread the rules to a game i started... thats how long its been. o.O
  24. peace*out

    does fordítás mean fortune, or luck, or something like that? i google search the phrase, and had it translate the page to english. i didnt knwo that it would tell me the language, but i dont know about the above, but other than that, im out. i know the language, but not the phrase.
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