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  1. Exactly, DD! Knew it was uber easy, but figured I might as well remind the Denners that they could have a nice free cooling-off break sometime today, if they're so inclined.
  2. That is, if D doesn't have it now.
  3. Icy and cold, even fizzy I'm told Sugary sweet, a today only treat Monopoly? Though it's been parodied What could it be? Get it now while it's free!
  4. tiger_lily111

    See, the Den is quite educational! That was certainly one I'd never heard before now! Ah well, maybe next time!
  5. tiger_lily111

    All right, lemme try this one on ... and add them together to get
  6. Well it is now! I'd been waiting for 5 PM for 4 hours prior to ... so figured I'd wait some of it out in the Den. (Good thing my boss is gone on vacation!)
  7. Yes, it is indeed! Happy Weekend everybody!
  8. In a way, so close DD! But not it!
  9. No, now you're both straying away.
  10. No, afraid not, though comedic things sometimes ensue!
  11. I'll just say "re-read the riddle" to that question, and no, not the answer.
  12. @dD & EDM: All quite related, but looking for a specific phrase.
  13. It's related, but not it. & Thanks!
  14. tiger_lily111

    I now have that song stuck in my head!!!
  15. Some are now and others soon None of us should be immune A happy time, a specific hour it is always now and never dour Sing it out with some added flavor Some days a little more to savor
  16. tiger_lily111

    Based on other guesses & hints,
  17. tiger_lily111

    Ah, I was thinking that *sometimes*, occasionally, a guess comes along that the riddle author thinks is better than theirs!
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