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  1. Been out a few days, but wanted to say congrats on 1k posts! ;)

  2. tiger_lily111

    but it doesn't follow the same train of thought
  3. tiger_lily111

    @Noob - mostly like but there are quirks that probably need ironed out
  4. tiger_lily111

    Although I don't remember either as having 10 ...
  5. Glad you liked it! Have a lovely *evening*! (It's not even 9 AM where I am yet ... )
  6. Your 2nd guess would be correct!
  7. Closer! Nope, sorry.
  8. Yet more proof that Wikipedia = not infallible. Sorry that there were apparently many other options! I do appreciate your fact-finding though, and hope you'll forgive my error!
  9. No, but hopefully someone will have it by (your) morning! G'night!
  10. That goes with the 2nd line, but no, not the answer!
  11. While known by many an alias, I'm considered quite a Dame. In America, I've been a First in order to match my name. I have a healthy appetite but am an oft invited guest, Though I'm afraid you'd find me bitter were I rather stressed. Like a leopard I shan't change my spots, but some think me very lucky, And when I move on, when I'm gone, you may think me rather ducky!
  12. tiger_lily111

    & there's nothing wrong with reading HP, after all, one has to remind oneself of everything that *should* be in the new movie!!
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